Of Quiet Time and Not so Quiet Time

It has been a while, hasn’t it, especially for the few Spinach junkies amongst you. I do apologize for that, but life has been wonderfully hectic once more, which tends to happen when you decide pretty much out of the blue to adopt a puppy.

They set up these ‘adopt a pet day’ round these parts and of course, sucker as I am, I had to pick one up. Sold. End of story.

Of course, I forgot completely about the housetraining part. I guess the ‘he’s 3 months old’ should have been a warning to that. Good grief. Don’t get me wrong, the critter is here to stay, but trundling around with him a gazillion times per day does take a bit of time. And seriously his face is just it. He has the most insane eyebrows on a dog, ever. If I get a half-decent photograph of him one of these days, I’ll share. Right now his baby doggy pictures are mostly parts of his tail, bits of the tummy, a few legs, and my other dog photobombing the shot. All adorable, but no eyebrows. To be continued.

On top of that, I repeated my ‘let’s drop your phone into the toilet’ action which created yet more hecticness to my already full days since it took a bit to get everything sorted again. In many ways, I miss my trusted paper organizer but I must say that ‘the Baroness B’ (yes that is the name of my new phone) is a marvel of technology and nifty little apps that help a lot to create order in the wonderful chaos that is my life. Plus, I have now actually backed up all settings, contacts and other things for the first time ever. I almost feel modern. Almost.

Tonight I did enjoy a few quiet moments in SL, sitting on the dock of Zero, one of them anyway and I want to take the opportunity to thank everybody who visited. I am honestly surprised at the number of visitors since I didn’t advertise so double thank you for those who did come by. It is more appreciated then you can imagine. As you know, this build was never meant for the public but an effort to estimate the amount of prims needed for our new home sim. Zero will close in the next few days if for no other reason than I need the house and my beloved outdoor bathtub.

So I took the time to enjoy some peace and quiet, fiddle with my look a bit more and for the fashion freaks amongst you, the outfit is from RKKN. Cate’s Sweater is available at Uber and the Nicole jeans at the RKKN main store where you also can find a demo for the sweater and the leather pants that are part of this release. Worth the trip!

Now I am going on a trip too, a short one, to my bed.


Of an Open House

You are cordially invited to attend my Open House, a shameless ‘showing off’ of my Second Life Home.

First things first, the Windlight or absence thereof;

Since FS has not yet fixed the ongoing issues with EEP and the choice of multiple viewers these days, the Windlight Settings are DYI. I strongly suggest a greyish, misty one but obviously, you can do as you please.

With that said, feel free to visit but please keep in mind this build was meant to be my home and is my home. It is not a huge build with snaking alleys or towering builds, far from it. But it has grass!!

It has no ‘theme’. The inspiration for this sim was to create a place that felt good. Nature, water (always water, must have water), and to have a place that is far away from everything. I love abandoned places. Not perse of the haunted or half-destroyed kind but also those builds that are empty, dusty, and you wonder why. What made the people leave?

Themes don’t work for me I guess. I just rezz and use stuff I really really like and try to make it all work together. That is my theme. My favorite things. There you have it, I have now an official theme! My Favorite Things. Though you are hard-pressed to find Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels, you might stumble on wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings.

The sim will only be open to the public for a very short time, visit while you can. As always, play nice, and enjoy your visit and thank you for coming over!




Of Procrastinating and BoM

Grass planting is a f*cking bore. All of you, yes, you three, who will grace my home with a visit when I hold my ‘open house’, better be on your best behavior and praise each bloody grass patch individually.

I find it so utterly boring and dull that while I was busy doing it, I often paused and explored BoM. Baked on Mesh. I am in love. I am absolutely in love and while this shot is just the first step into it, I expect many many more. Once more having the freedom to slap on as many layers as you wish, is such a relief.

The only things I regret now more than ever, are my inventory mishaps. I once took it upon myself to box up everything I was no longer using on a very regular basis. In my case, I packed up everything as I usually run around in jeans and a sweater. So, I packed up everything in neat boxes and then in a moment of utter insanity, threw them all out. By accident, I might add. Oh well. Better to have loved and lost than not have loved at all, n’est pas?

My new favorite store is Eleven because be honest, these eyebrows and moles are freaking awesome. As is the zombie eye, which btw is a group gift. Just so you know. I can not wait to see more and more new style system layers becoming available and create a more unique look once more. Preferably as flawed as can be.

Anywhoooo, this did not really help the sim building, a build that never was meant to be opened for the public but I will show off my grass planting skills. Or lack thereof. Eye of the beholder and all that.

The truly fucked up thing is that every single time I almost finish a build, I am so inspired. It is as if the building muses are leading a conga-line along the edges of my sim, firing idea after idea towards me. And this time, I am grateful for it, as I have learned from my past mistakes. I am now taking notes! And not only that but lists and lists of items I would need to use to create the builds that are now swirling in my head.

However, none of these builds will probably be of any interest to the masses. Unless you are a grass-fetishist. Put it in your calendars and sometime next week I will open Zero again for a very, very brief time so you can all gawk at the grass or perhaps simply enjoy a stroll.

I wish you good day kind readers, all 3 of you and thank you for your visit.


Of Defiance and Challenges

Fact: I will not be the best in this challenge.

The end.

How’s that for short and sweet huh? Here’s another fact: I am shy as f*ck when it comes to my pictures let alone take part in a challenge, competition, be invited for an exposition or the worst of all: asked to do commercial shoots.

I clamp up like a 35-year-old virgin on her wedding night. Seriously, all creativity, moxie and whatever else usually make a picture work for me, flees. Not just fleeing, as in a somewhat graceful and orderly retreat. No, no, no. A wild stampede, with drool and spit flying, bawling, howling and screeching in sheer terror because there is an actual brief.

There, the cat is out of the bag. I told you one day I’d tell the horrifying story of why I quit blogging and why I am so reluctant to accept new commissions to blog. It’s not that I do not want to. It is that it takes so much time for me to do it, because of my ‘angst’.

Can you believe that? Well, you better believe it. Anywhoo, so why this challenge? Why then ‘put myself out there’?  Because I firmly believe that if you allow fear to rule your life, you have no life. So here it goes. Oh and because the WL’s from Jay are lifesavers.

Crappy landscape? Uninspired layout? Ugly buildings or trees? No problem. A windlight (WL for the in-crowd) is like make-up for a scene. it changes everything and while it is possible to make your own, I leave it to the professionals.

Jay Tedder Murs is one such professional. Not only that, he is always been nice to me, when I bothered him with yet another noob question, and that goes a long, long way with yours truly.

On top of that, rummaging through my inventory tonight looking for a specific sofa, I came across this dress I bought a few weeks ago. Yes, in my inventory that makes perfect sense and what better way to test out a few new (for me at least) wl’s then with a pretty frock on? Stop.. don’t say it…

There are tons of better ways, no doubt, but you know what? Tonight, at this time in this place, this is my way. Inspired, by a frock, a pose (no longer available sadly) by the brilliant Tab Tatham who should in my not so humble opinion put her poses up for sale again, and spectacular sunsets.







Of Dreams and Wishes

It’s been a while since I was this inspired to build in SL. It all began when I decided to pack it up and move to a 1/4 homestead. Since I had a few weeks left before the next tier payment, I started to lay out what would be my house on said 1/4 homestead, trying to figure out how many prims I needed.

While doing so, I fell more and more in love with the house you see in the picture. It’s not decorated. The house on its own, IS the decor. At least in my world. But I was inspired. stories were unfolding in my head about the background of this house and the place it so proudly crowns.

Perhaps the previous owners left, quite some time ago I think, in a hurry. I like to think it was for happy reasons they left and simply left the house, the docks, the ramshackle stairs to their own devices. Grass and weeds growing everywhere, and bees and dragonflies zooming around like there is no tomorrow. Trees have fallen, died or multiplied without any control and sand has penetrated most nooks and crannies.

The pool in the sea is neglected and frogs have made it their kingdom. There is not much to see or do for those who expect spectacle or entertainment. Oh no, this place is forgotten by the world and only fit for hermits and those who seek solitude. Those who like to see horses run free and wild, those who like to sit on a deck and stare out over the endless empty seas.

While exploring and pondering, summer is reaching its end and slowly trees and shrubbery start to show their autumn colors. Rains lash the place at times while on other days a place in the shade goes at a premium.

No, it’s not a fast-paced, bustling market or a city with towering buildings and rows and rows of urban dwellings. Far from that. There is an old electricity pole with its wires hanging down, once connected to the world beyond, but now only a lonely reminder of what once probably was a hotspot.

Anyway, I can drone on and on. But why don’t you come by and see for yourself? I have it on very good authority that the owner would not mind at all. Just allow for a bit more time to get ready before you stop by. A little bit longer…

The Mess – an update

114 big

As always when I am building, I start out with a vague idea. I rezz this, that and some more and remove it again. Rinse and repeat for a while, until I strike the right cord. The right cord for me this time was a waterlogged street, graced with various buildings from Schultz Bros. and Urban Jungle.

While building, I had given access to a few people and their pictures alerted Mr. Schultz to my endeavors. When he came to visit, he tempted me with his elevated train tracks. That threw me for a loop. I just HAD to use them and so my plan for the sim evolved.


Then, when I made my peace with how the build looked like, Mr. Schultz pulled another rabbit out of the hat; The 42 Front Street building.

An amazing build, that has just enough derelict, just enough wear and tear to be perfect. And perfect it is in my not so humble opinion. Of course, I had to use it and my already changed plan of building a wonderful waterlogged street, with overgrown builds and a dramatic water landscape surrounding it, derailed even further.

To top it off, in my enthusiasm for the said building,  it had to be photographed. Thank goodness I didn’t post it right away, as it is the exact angle Mr. Schultz used on Flickr. Great minds and all that I guess?

Schultz Bros house
The exact same angle as Mr. Schultz used

Water landscape, surrounded by majestic cliffs and trees and all that, now completely derailed and it looked more and more like a blob of builds in the middle of a sim, sprinkled liberally with greenery.

Dramatic pause here, imagine Gregory Kune singing Nessun Dorma in the background:

I know I have posted a soon picture, indicating that I would open the sim in the next days. But I won’t.

Another dramatic pause…..

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, I made a mistake in gauging how much time I would need to truly finish the build. While the build as it is, is very nice, if I do say so myself, it is not a finished build. It really is a blob of builds, covered in greens. I want to finish it and for that, I need some more time.

To make matters worse I have removed access for most who had access.  Very soon all of you will have access for at least two weeks (make sure you thank Jackson for that generous amount of time as I was planning on opening for 2 days) and after that time we will see.

So there you have it. A changed plan, and with that, a changed timeframe for opening the sim.

Stay the course, there are many many beautiful sims to visit while I finish building mine.

And last but not least, there is this:

Yes, this shit really happens. Often. 


The Mess



With an enormous delay, I am finally opening the sim for a few days. Few days only because even though I love the build, I have another concept in mind that I am eager to start working on.

If you are looking for a well balanced, well thought out sim, with near perfect landscaping and a theme, you probably will be disappointed.

This sim is a collection of things that I love, but they do not necessarily fit together neatly. A sim long (or wide if you wish) road with a lot of electricity poles, was a longtime wish as well as the overgrown buildings partly in the water. The skeleton towers a happy accident and the rest a mismatched bunch of things I love for some reason.

Keep in mind that the sim will only be open for a couple of days. Meaning it will be closed again, no later than Saturday morning.

I do not do this to be exclusive, or whatever.  My main reason to be in SL is to make pictures and build. I love to build. I love to try things and that simply doesn’t work with a sim that is open to the public. So hop on over and look around while you can.

Simple rules: Don’t be a douche and if you are coming over to take pictures, make bloody sure that if you take a picture of a person or persons on the sim, you have their permission to do so. Now I hear you think that that is hard to enforce. True. You have one chance to be an ass. After that, you will have a permanent ban on any sim I will open in the future.

Also keep firmly in mind that this is NOT a public sim, but my home. Enjoy!







One of the things I like so much in SL is experimenting with combinations. Be it throwing together roads, builds, trees etc that perhaps at first glance do not belong together or be it clothes and accessories. Or in this picture, all of the above.

In day to day life, I am a hardcore jeans wearer. I honestly think that a well-chosen pair of preferably vintage jeans should be considered classic wear. Pair these jeans with a well-made pair of shoes, a Hermes scarf, a classic turtleneck, understated makeup and there are not many establishments that will refuse you entrance.

The key really is in my not so honest opinion to go for quality and fit. And if you do not have a perfect figure anymore likes yours truly it can be nothing shy of torture to find those items. Oh, the things we do for fun… Let’s gently steer away from too many real-life musings and go back the wonderful world of Second Life where life often is so much easier.

Experimenting with combinations. It is what I am doing currently with my new build and with the outfit I choose. Shi’s new releases threw me for a loop. Usual Shi’s designs make me want to do close-ups, avant-garde style pictures that focus on one item or even a part of an item. But what is more fun than challenging yourself? And let’s be honest, who would not pair the clogs, who are inspired by traditional Japanese design, with the stunning handbag from Bauhaus Movement? Being me, the jeans had to be thrown in and the rest is as they say history.  And creativity is such a beautiful process. Setting this shot up, it became part of the sim build.

I don’t have to ramble on about quality for all designers who’s stuff you see in the picture. Pretty soon you can feast your eyes on the decor items in the picture on my sim, but I am pretty sure you all have seen these items countless of times.  But…

I would like to ask you to investigate for yourself the clogs from Shi and the handbag from Bauhaus Movement. No, you don’t have to go on a buying spree if these items are not your style, but do yourself a favor and simply go and look at them. The quality and design are really exquisite.

To help you on your way, should you decide to accept this mission (yes I am a hardcore MI fan):

.Shi – Clogs

Bauhaus Movement – April Purse




the sim that didnt make it

The title should have read “And another one bites the dust” but BOOM sums it up nicely. It is the sound I imagine my sim makes, if I once again hit my all time favorite button in SL, return objects.

It was a near perfect build. The landscape was good, interesting, with a few surprises here and there. It had the perfect new rocks and cliffs from Skye, it had interesting builds, decor. But it lacked one thing. Flaws.

I like flaws. Flaws make that things are not boring. Flaws are what draws the eyes and what we see first and foremost. In a way, it’s rather sad that we are geared that way, but flaws also are a perfect way to train the eye (read: train our minds) to look beyond and discover the rest. Whether or not that rest is to our liking is as always a matter of personal taste.

There are at this time, tons of well build sims in SL, catering to a variety of tastes. I have decided I will gracefully bow out and not join to try and get my share of visitors. Not because I don’t want visitors but because I fail utterly in sucking up to the right people and on top of that I want the freedom to change my sim at will. That is hard when you have hordes of people visiting on a daily basis so it works out fine for me in a twisted way.

A lot of people have asked me if I don’t want to show off my build. Of course, I do. Of course, I am proud and chuffed when I see pictures on Flickr of ‘my creation’. And I grin like a monkey on acid when I see others copy my style or ideas. But that’s it. For me, the fun of SL is building. So yeah… how about that huh?

My build will not last long, it will change completely random, be blasted away on a whim and sorry in advance if you were just setting up for that one shot you just had to make and no I will not wait for you to be done. It will have a complete erratic policy on being open or closed, in short, it will be mine. The stray visitors that do find their way to this, will be more than welcome.

Away with the rules and away with the very much overused ‘Theme’. I don’t do themes. At best my build will be a happy mismatch of areas.

The only thing I am sure of right now is that my sim will sport the above three buildings. Or better, what is left of said buildings. Mea Culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, I used the San Mora builds. Again. And I paired them with Apple Fall builds. So for all you theme-addicts out there, have at it! See if you can make soup of that.

Anyways, back to the building, should you after reading this feel the urge to come and visit while I am building, find me in the world and I might add you to the land so you can come at will. The operative word in the last sentence ‘Might’.