Of Dancing with the Dam

Dear Diary,

“The Dam” came to be when I came across a screenshot from a game and I knew I wanted to build it. Or try at least.

The challenge was to build it. Allow me to give you a quick glimpse of ‘how it was made’.

It did involve me building a completely dam, slanted walls and all, in prims. But as with many things, it just was not ‘it’. After blowing up build five hundred and sixty-seven,  and about to give up, the final version finally came to be. My favourite sport in SL, using items completely different from their intended use, saved me once more. The dam was born.

The next step was finding water for the top part. Again, a challenge and after many many misfires, I settled for Alex Bader’s river water. To be specific, the end section of his magnificent River Building Packs. I had to learn a few expensive and utterly disappointing lessons before I tried that particular water and I am still angry at myself for not just going ‘back to base’ and trying it as the first option. Lesson learned.

“Dancing with the Dam” as I now call it, was the next phase of this build. Moving the dam forward, backward, sideways, up, down for a week to place it just so.

In a perfect world, there would be a splendid, slanted, concrete wall all around the dam, but SL is not a perfect world and I am not a perfect builder,  so I used boulders and cliff covers. What sim build is complete without those cliff covers right?

More frustration followed when I tried to balance out the rest of the build and friends who still are with me, are officially saints.  I want to thank those who encouraged me to finish this build and who answered my, at times totally unhinged, questions about rocks, signs, trees, windlights, where to get what and how to do this or that, with seemingly never-ending patience. THANK YOU.

Anyway, Vinefields, The Dam, is exclusively open right now for two groups and I will see about opening her up for the public at large for a bit soon-ish. Forking over 6700 lindens per week to have a sim open, is a tad much on the old budget atm. I am considering a paid group and all that, but honestly, I have not yet settled on a course of action.

Now for shameless self-promotion: I do believe I have managed perhaps to bring something new, never done before to sim building. I say this based on feedback from people who actually know sim building in SL and I have to confess that if that is the case, this concept being new, that I am rather chuffed with that. I am not sure of it, but still, the sentiment is making me giddy.

Last but not least, another shot of the Dam, just because well, I think it’s pretty.


Dear diary, thank you for listening and see you soon. xox