Of Ramshackle-ness’

One of the reasons I have not been rambling is because instead of having a nifty, handy-dandy ‘write’ button on the top of my screen, WordPress decided to hide it and now I have to traverse half the internet to find it.

The other reason is, my bursitis is back in full swing and with a vengeance. Both my shoulders are in full protest of any movement and guess what? You HAVE to keep moving them. Long story, won’t bother you with the details but trust me when I say it’s painful and tiresome. (try wiping your butt with two defective shoulders, I know TMI but sod it).

Then, of course, there is this thingie-ma-poo, the Bat-Shit-Crazy-Flu as I like to call it, and it is the personification of the ‘monster under the bed’ when I was a little girl. It is scary as can be.  Luckily, I have time in abundance to worry, because typing and even pointing and clicking with a mouse is only possible in very short bursts.

Anywayyyy, today I figured I would take a picture and a ramble a bit. Not perse about what you see in the pic, I have to guard my reputation as a bad blogger after all but more some musings. A healthy dose of Spinach so to speak.

So, how are you all? Safe and healthy I hope? Armed with enough supplies to occupy and distract your mind,  soothe your soul and general well-being.? Please do take care of yourselves and your loved ones and do not forget that lonely neighbor next door or across the street. A wave, a smile, simply recognizing another human being can go a long, long way.

Also, don’t forget to don your homemade hazmat gear when and if you need to go out. My outfit is truly ridiculous. In the absence of well, everything I suppose, I am using my cleaning gloves, you know those big fat rubber ones? Well, mine are bright purple. They go amazingly well with my safety goggles (orange bits and pieces on those) and scarf (lime green) that I tie around the lower part of my face. The gents and ladies at my friendly neighborhood Walmart almost piss themselves laughing when I get in and my husband stays in the car. Oh well. At least I make people laugh.

Shopping is now a dress-up party and exercise in agility.

As always this picture has a story. I started out in dressing up as a latex-fetish-robotic-augmented-freak and ended up with what you see. As always pose and light set the mood for me and while I do love my ‘freaks’, I also love the more down to earth shots. And let’s be honest, down to earth is good right now.

Since my shoulders now really feel as if they are being stabbed with red hot pokers it is time to call it a night. A quick shopping list:

Hair – .Shi // Top – Erratic// Pants – RKKN // Ink – Vegas Tattoo // Pubes – TF // Pose – Del May  (deleted <<– name of pose).


Of Pleasure of the Moment

174 1a

This tattoo caught my eye the moment I saw it. I can only dream of having it in real life, but I do have it in my second life. Now as per usual, my post-processing madness only gives you a hint of how good this ink really is. If you would like a better look you could visit the designers Flickr page, or you can hop over to Tialli- The Fair Around the World! and drool all over the vendor or better yet, be brave and grab it.

What came as an utter surprise to me, is that the Maitreya body has been updated and version 5.1. is, amongst other updates and novelties, BoM ready. Just a FYI.

The skin I am wearing is obviously NOT available in this available tone (post-processing alert and all that) but it is my second all-time favorite Clef de Peau.Ana Nature [LELUTKA] Applier. Obviously, I am using the Strange Eyebrows option, something I have been wanting to do for ages. Ages indeed as this skin is a year old (or thereabouts)  but it works perfectly with the new Lelutka line and comes in BoM and applier in one neat little buy. Your pain is to decide what color to pick. Personally, I have it in natural and milk.

I do love BoM, I have said it before because once again it gives me the freedom to wear as many or as few layers as I please which allows me to mess up the ol’ toon spectacularly. And I am very good at that. And it makes that the once again the ‘secret’ to a great look is in the shape (as a good friend has taught me) and the layers you plaster on it. But.. you can also go au naturel and probably look better then I do with all my BoM-ming. Here’s your ride, should you want to give it a go,  Clef de Peau mainstore 

The pose is from SAPA available at the Cyber Fair and with that last little tit-bit of information, I would like to take the opportunity to say: Please stay safe, healthy and sane in this mad mad world and spread love and joy, not germs and viruses.