Of Ramshackle-ness’

One of the reasons I have not been rambling is because instead of having a nifty, handy-dandy ‘write’ button on the top of my screen, WordPress decided to hide it and now I have to traverse half the internet to find it.

The other reason is, my bursitis is back in full swing and with a vengeance. Both my shoulders are in full protest of any movement and guess what? You HAVE to keep moving them. Long story, won’t bother you with the details but trust me when I say it’s painful and tiresome. (try wiping your butt with two defective shoulders, I know TMI but sod it).

Then, of course, there is this thingie-ma-poo, the Bat-Shit-Crazy-Flu as I like to call it, and it is the personification of the ‘monster under the bed’ when I was a little girl. It is scary as can be.  Luckily, I have time in abundance to worry, because typing and even pointing and clicking with a mouse is only possible in very short bursts.

Anywayyyy, today I figured I would take a picture and a ramble a bit. Not perse about what you see in the pic, I have to guard my reputation as a bad blogger after all but more some musings. A healthy dose of Spinach so to speak.

So, how are you all? Safe and healthy I hope? Armed with enough supplies to occupy and distract your mind,  soothe your soul and general well-being.? Please do take care of yourselves and your loved ones and do not forget that lonely neighbor next door or across the street. A wave, a smile, simply recognizing another human being can go a long, long way.

Also, don’t forget to don your homemade hazmat gear when and if you need to go out. My outfit is truly ridiculous. In the absence of well, everything I suppose, I am using my cleaning gloves, you know those big fat rubber ones? Well, mine are bright purple. They go amazingly well with my safety goggles (orange bits and pieces on those) and scarf (lime green) that I tie around the lower part of my face. The gents and ladies at my friendly neighborhood Walmart almost piss themselves laughing when I get in and my husband stays in the car. Oh well. At least I make people laugh.

Shopping is now a dress-up party and exercise in agility.

As always this picture has a story. I started out in dressing up as a latex-fetish-robotic-augmented-freak and ended up with what you see. As always pose and light set the mood for me and while I do love my ‘freaks’, I also love the more down to earth shots. And let’s be honest, down to earth is good right now.

Since my shoulders now really feel as if they are being stabbed with red hot pokers it is time to call it a night. A quick shopping list:

Hair – .Shi // Top – Erratic// Pants – RKKN // Ink – Vegas Tattoo // Pubes – TF // Pose – Del May  (deleted <<– name of pose).


Of Portraits and Vision

It is known, to steal a catchphrase, that I love to fiddle with pictures. The results are varying but they all have one thing in common, the time spends ‘fiddling’ usually yields an effect I like.

It is also a way to mask flaws that the photographed object might have. Touch up a bit here, touch up a bit there and voila, a perfect picture.

The picture you see here has not been touched up. It has been resized, the neckline has been blurred as I was not wearing a body when I shot this and the left border has been added. That is as they say it. Taken in Firestorm, ultra settings and a neutral WL with no shadows. Now, my sweet 3.5 readers, you might wonder why would I do this?

Personally, I think the simplest pictures are the absolute most difficult to frame. You have nowhere to hide. Regardless of what you shoot, if you go for simple, minimalistic there is no way to hide. What you see is what you get.

So lets for a  moment pretend you are so floored by this face that you want to ‘get it’. You would have to get your be-hind over to Clef de Peau and grab the Bianca skin. It is my favorite from this designer.

The lipgloss is part of the deal as are the freckles and tadaaaa it is BoM. For those already the proud owners of this skin (and others), please hit the re-delivery terminal at the store and you will find BoM-layers in your package, sitting quite cosey right next to the applier for those who are not (yet) convinced to go BoM.

I am wearing the new Lelutka head, Nova 1.0, which in my not so humble opinion is absolutely freaking stunning. The hair base is from .Shi and currently at Uber is the most insane hair available. Insanely good that is.

I will leave it at this, go see for yourself by visiting Clef de Peau Mainstore, Uber and Lelutka.


Of Hair and Paintings (part II)


Where to start? How about with the ‘to be continued’ part from my last post? It was late and I was really tired as I was about to explain how and why my being in-world has been somewhat haphazard.

I hear you ask what has a painting or paintings to do with that? A whole lot as I find myself daily kneedeep in oil paint, carpet with oil paint stains and clothes that are ruined for life since you can only remove oil paint with turpentine and that doesn’t work well with most clothes. Occasionally some of the aforementioned oil paint actually reaches the canvas and even stays there. In short, I am painting.

That leaves less time for SL which suits me fine for the time being. I have a ton of fun with trying out things building-wise and I thoroughly enjoy making the odd picture and ramble on here a bit about this, that and what more.

Now with the painting stuff out of the way, let’s talk a bit about this picture? Perhaps? Although once more I fear it will be rather dull. Dull because you know .Shi and you know the hair is good. The textures, the colors etc, it just is good. The latest release – ARTICULATE Hair, available at TMD – is no exception. Its sleek, it’s minimalistic and another beautiful release from .Shi.

Personally, I am very proud that you can actually see the hair in this picture.

What you can also see in this picture is the release from Cinphul for the last round ever of Kurenai. Kurenai runs till August 31st where you can grab up this release – diode– and play the minigame to win rather epic wires that go on your forehead. They are not shown (lol) in this picture, because I obviously didn’t play the minigame. Maybe I should as I think one day I will bloody regret not having them. They are sort of right up my alley.

About the other hair accessories – sticks and cables – are simply beautiful. They are textured to perfection and I have tried and somewhat succeeded even I think, to really show that. However, it would take a close-up to truly make you appreciate them in full. Guess what? I didn’t make a close-up. I have to stay true to my calling, that of being a bad blogger.

In other news: The sim is blissfully empty and most the time I am online I am standing in the water, simply enjoying the emptiness. Besides my preoccupation with painting at the moment I am slowly but surely sifting through the plethora of ideas for a new build. A few times I was pretty close to opening the sim for a bit, but it was just not ‘it’.

And that is it for me in SL. Things have to be just ‘it’. Both releases shown this picture are, for me at least, just that. It.



Of Clashing Colors


Lately, I have a penchant for red, especially when it clashes magnificently with other colors. I think that .Shi has one of the better ‘reds’ on the grid. It’s so vibrant and deep, that you can almost dip your brush in it and paint in real life. Ok bear with me, it’s late, I am getting quite poetic. Or as some might argue, spewing utter nonsense.

But… The reds from .Shi are exceptional. The new hair what brought this on is, as per tradition, hardly visible after I was done with the picture so I invite you to hop on over to Joy’s Flickr for a much better look and more information. I am in love with the little tail. It’s deliciously obstinate and quirky. This time I’m not going to bore you to death with textures and originality of design. I did that last time and those who know .Shi are familiar with this, who do not know .Shi, should, even if the hair is not your style, go and take a look anyway.

The Dutch word for ‘obstinate’ is ‘eigenwijs’ and this brings me to the cards you hardly see in the picture. As always I love to talk about stuff that is barely, or even better, not at all visible in my pics.

Dutchie never fails to tug at my heartstrings with releases, as they almost always have a distinct Dutch look and feel. Meticulously researched and made, Froukje Hoorenbeek’s releases make me long for Holland.

Dutchie has released a few smaller decor items the last few weeks, the latest this game of solitaire. If you actually want to see it in all it’s glory and more information, click here.

Short and to the point this time, as I said is it late, it is warm so I will leave you here. You have your missions, should you choose to accept them!


Of Hair and Such


It’s late, there’s Sahara dust blowing in and I am wheezing like an old steam engine on its last legs.

Taking a break from building I felt like taking a picture just for the fun of taking a picture. Seeing the new hair from .Shi, I couldn’t resist and tried an angle that actually showed off the hair.

In the original picture, you can see it in all its glory. Alas, also this time, my editing skills, or lack thereof, made sure that you hardly see anything. I am THAT good! I think it might be time I start my own surprise-box venture in SL. I can see it in my head; a bunch of pictures that show absolutely shit all and then rake in the money. Oh, wait… Nvm, as I said it is late. However, just for the record, I don’t like these subscription boxes. I can see the commercial allure of them, but honestly, I am starting to get a wee bit tired of all the shopping entertainment in SL. Boxes, groups, huds, off-sim, on-sim, and so forth and so on. But I realize I am an old curmudgeon and like to see what I buy before I buy.

Horribly old fashioned, I know. What is not old fashioned, nor in a surprise- or not so much a surprise-box is this hair.

.Shi has since long been my go-to store for hair. I could ramble on for a bit about great styles, textures, and colors, but as I said at the beginning, it is late and all that. What I do want to say is that once more JoyLaperriere has released a hair that will stand the test of time. Because her styles are not perse ‘in style’ they stay ‘in style’. If that makes any sense at all. In my head it does.

Either way, do yourself a favor and hop on over to her Flickr page for information and a really good look at the hair. Or do one better and hop over to Uber and grab demos.




One of the things I like so much in SL is experimenting with combinations. Be it throwing together roads, builds, trees etc that perhaps at first glance do not belong together or be it clothes and accessories. Or in this picture, all of the above.

In day to day life, I am a hardcore jeans wearer. I honestly think that a well-chosen pair of preferably vintage jeans should be considered classic wear. Pair these jeans with a well-made pair of shoes, a Hermes scarf, a classic turtleneck, understated makeup and there are not many establishments that will refuse you entrance.

The key really is in my not so honest opinion to go for quality and fit. And if you do not have a perfect figure anymore likes yours truly it can be nothing shy of torture to find those items. Oh, the things we do for fun… Let’s gently steer away from too many real-life musings and go back the wonderful world of Second Life where life often is so much easier.

Experimenting with combinations. It is what I am doing currently with my new build and with the outfit I choose. Shi’s new releases threw me for a loop. Usual Shi’s designs make me want to do close-ups, avant-garde style pictures that focus on one item or even a part of an item. But what is more fun than challenging yourself? And let’s be honest, who would not pair the clogs, who are inspired by traditional Japanese design, with the stunning handbag from Bauhaus Movement? Being me, the jeans had to be thrown in and the rest is as they say history.  And creativity is such a beautiful process. Setting this shot up, it became part of the sim build.

I don’t have to ramble on about quality for all designers who’s stuff you see in the picture. Pretty soon you can feast your eyes on the decor items in the picture on my sim, but I am pretty sure you all have seen these items countless of times.  But…

I would like to ask you to investigate for yourself the clogs from Shi and the handbag from Bauhaus Movement. No, you don’t have to go on a buying spree if these items are not your style, but do yourself a favor and simply go and look at them. The quality and design are really exquisite.

To help you on your way, should you decide to accept this mission (yes I am a hardcore MI fan):

.Shi – Clogs

Bauhaus Movement – April Purse