Of Teasing and Such

As per usual I have epically failed in my attempt to show off the item this picture was supposed to be about. Vanity and post-processing frenzy took over once again and well the result you see above.

But… This time I do have a semi-excuse. Put yer stumpers up and settle in;

Seven Emporium has released these magnificent speakers, and a few other items, which are really not in the picture! As per usual, anything released by Agustkov is superbly textured and made. But you can’t see that in this shot… So why are you reading this?

Well, you are probably bored senseless for starters, a true stalker, or curious. Or all three? And be glad you did, because I have a bit of more drooling to do. I promise it won’t be about textures. No, my dearies, it is about something completely different.

This set comes packing a punch when it comes to…, drumroll goes here, poses. I hear you rolling your eyes, yes, I can hear that ok so stop doing it and listen up. Poses. Not just poses. Not crappy calibrated, set up, or whatever the proper technical term is, but bloody awesome, original poses that just are a delight to play with. And I did. Oh, I did.

The singles are awesome and don’t forget to hit the swap button or you will miss out. Then we come to the cuddles, 24 in all. TWENTY-FOUR!! If you happen to have bought the adult version, obviously this set comes in PG and adult, you get another 54 poses to play with. FIFTY-FOUR.

So yes, yours truly became completely distracted.

I promised I would not drone on about textures and all that and I won’t. However, do yourself a favor, hop on over to TMD to give these baby’s a thorough look over, and even try them out. Make sure you check out Agustkovs’ Flickr for all the details and the other items of this release.

I’m so excited about this release, and the poses that should you be in need of a ‘let’s-test-the-poses-partner’, I volunteer. Just hit me up in-world. Otherwise, toddle off and go drool over these speakers.


Of 50 Lindens and Wet Dreams

Yes, pink. Live with it. With that said let’s get started shall we?

Seven Emporium is one of the best on the grid, if not the best when it comes to that decor you simply must-have. Be it to decorate your house, garden, street or simply because you just have to have that particular sign or machine or gadget.

Once again Seven Emporium has two amazing signs out for FLF so you better hurry up. I am showing “Wet Dreams”, to state the obvious, and for once the subject of my blogpost is actually visible in my picture. Kinda scary but there you go.

I had a blast making this pic especially since it once again involved messing with my avatar which I absolutely love doing. I love Cyberpunk stuff or whatever it is called these days. It is on my to-do list, now 5 pages long, to make a few looks with cyber stuff and perhaps I will even share the results. The CYBER fair is on as well, you might want to check it out. Anyway, I digress.

Seven Emporium has two releases out for FLF as I mentioned and for more info click here to see Agustkov’s Flickr . Now if neon signage or a huge selection of machines that are chockablock full with poses or all the other stuff this designer has created over the years, is not your thing,  then the sim Area 7 is defo worth a visit so get off your arses and wander around a bit.

A short serving of spinach but I am confident all 3 of you who actually read my blog will survive.