Of Close-ups and Distance

While for some the stay-at-home period seems to bring along amazing creativity, I find myself struggling to even put a simple, healthy meal together, let alone being creative. It’s rather surprising as I am a hermit by choice and very much not a social butterfly.

Perhaps I am just a contrarian. Let’s stick with that. It has a nice ring to it.

Now onward to the task at hand, some ramblings about the picture:

I am in LOVE with the new Lelutka heads. Absolutely and unequivocally in love. What I love most is the option to mature your skin with the simple push of a button. And I use it with gusto. What also is a great thing is that the Axis hud still works. It has so many possibilities that for now I only have pursed my pretty little lips a bit.

So one more time; I LOVE the new Lelutka heads. There.

What I also love is BoM. I am sporting the basic Ana Skin from Clef de Peau, one of my favorite base skins to start a look with. Now, most of my looks are pretty much the same, I tweak a bit and pinch a bit there but in essence, my shapes stay the same. But BoM allows us to add so many details. Here I am only wearing 6 layers, base skin, eyebrows, tattoo, red circles, eyebags and as the piece de resistance the scar in the mouth corner.

It is of course from TF, Bordello.  Tristan has treated the grid with stunning art and more recent nifty little add ons for body and face. And it is those details in my opinion that make a face interesting. Personally, I am partial to this little gem because I find it utterly intriguing.

I will keep this short because storms are moving in, and more urgent my shoulders are still not up to par. They are, for all you 3,5 readers, better but only because I rest them.

For me, it’s back to resting, stay safe, sane and healthy.


Of Pleasure of the Moment

174 1a

This tattoo caught my eye the moment I saw it. I can only dream of having it in real life, but I do have it in my second life. Now as per usual, my post-processing madness only gives you a hint of how good this ink really is. If you would like a better look you could visit the designers Flickr page, or you can hop over to Tialli- The Fair Around the World! and drool all over the vendor or better yet, be brave and grab it.

What came as an utter surprise to me, is that the Maitreya body has been updated and version 5.1. is, amongst other updates and novelties, BoM ready. Just a FYI.

The skin I am wearing is obviously NOT available in this available tone (post-processing alert and all that) but it is my second all-time favorite Clef de Peau.Ana Nature [LELUTKA] Applier. Obviously, I am using the Strange Eyebrows option, something I have been wanting to do for ages. Ages indeed as this skin is a year old (or thereabouts)  but it works perfectly with the new Lelutka line and comes in BoM and applier in one neat little buy. Your pain is to decide what color to pick. Personally, I have it in natural and milk.

I do love BoM, I have said it before because once again it gives me the freedom to wear as many or as few layers as I please which allows me to mess up the ol’ toon spectacularly. And I am very good at that. And it makes that the once again the ‘secret’ to a great look is in the shape (as a good friend has taught me) and the layers you plaster on it. But.. you can also go au naturel and probably look better then I do with all my BoM-ming. Here’s your ride, should you want to give it a go,  Clef de Peau mainstore 

The pose is from SAPA available at the Cyber Fair and with that last little tit-bit of information, I would like to take the opportunity to say: Please stay safe, healthy and sane in this mad mad world and spread love and joy, not germs and viruses.


Of This and That

The upside of being away from SL for a short while is that when you come back, there are so many new things and a brand new Flickr riot!

It seems Flickr is doubling down on their rule that you can not promote commercial activities on a free account. From a business point of view that makes sense to me and I for one will not go around finding creators or bloggers on other media. The simple solution is to not put links up but simply tell people where to get the goodies. Personally, I don’t see the drama since I believe we will see that more and more platforms will double down on this.

The logical solution would be that someone starts up all the SL-feeds again. Honestly, I have no clue if they are still around. We will wait with bated breath and until then, Flickr -with-no-links.

Since I love to confuse the fuck out of you all, I figured I would once more use a different featured image on the old blog.

And with good reason. Or at least I think it’s a good reason, as one of the new things I found was this skin from Clef de Peau. Full disclosure; Since my first ramblings about this creator, I have indeed become part of the blogger team and proud to be. Proud because I honestly think Clef de Peau is among the very few skin-designers who deliver a constant quality. Skins for me are about quality but also about tones. Some skins are too orange-hued or have a distinct reddish glow. Clef de Peau has, for me, hit the mark on toning.

This release, Mia, for Lelutka Power Pack Feb. 2020 is geared for the new Lelutka heads, Lelutka Evolution. I am sporting the Toast tone but it comes in all tones. I am very eager to show off the Pearl as well since I am a huge fan of pale skins. Check out Marco’s Flickr for more information and completely different styling.

As for the picture I put up on Flickr, I am wearing the new RKKN release, Mae available at Kustom9. Another ‘Jeans-Slam-Dunk’ from RKKN I think. The sweater is going to go a long way as I can easily see it paired with shorts during those summer evenings on the beach or a bit of shopping.

Last but not least, I want to draw your attention to the pose. It’s from Del May and they have a bunch of new poses out at their Mainstore.

Well, I have to go so I will leave you here, a proper blog-post and I don’t want to spoil it by rambling on ^^.


Of Portraits and Vision

It is known, to steal a catchphrase, that I love to fiddle with pictures. The results are varying but they all have one thing in common, the time spends ‘fiddling’ usually yields an effect I like.

It is also a way to mask flaws that the photographed object might have. Touch up a bit here, touch up a bit there and voila, a perfect picture.

The picture you see here has not been touched up. It has been resized, the neckline has been blurred as I was not wearing a body when I shot this and the left border has been added. That is as they say it. Taken in Firestorm, ultra settings and a neutral WL with no shadows. Now, my sweet 3.5 readers, you might wonder why would I do this?

Personally, I think the simplest pictures are the absolute most difficult to frame. You have nowhere to hide. Regardless of what you shoot, if you go for simple, minimalistic there is no way to hide. What you see is what you get.

So lets for a  moment pretend you are so floored by this face that you want to ‘get it’. You would have to get your be-hind over to Clef de Peau and grab the Bianca skin. It is my favorite from this designer.

The lipgloss is part of the deal as are the freckles and tadaaaa it is BoM. For those already the proud owners of this skin (and others), please hit the re-delivery terminal at the store and you will find BoM-layers in your package, sitting quite cosey right next to the applier for those who are not (yet) convinced to go BoM.

I am wearing the new Lelutka head, Nova 1.0, which in my not so humble opinion is absolutely freaking stunning. The hair base is from .Shi and currently at Uber is the most insane hair available. Insanely good that is.

I will leave it at this, go see for yourself by visiting Clef de Peau Mainstore, Uber and Lelutka.


Of New and Fun

face 1

Even the most devout, pale loving skin freaks do sometimes find themselves tempted by the sultry darker type skins. I am not an exception. Perhaps the truly pale skin worshipers will stay true to their religion. I am at best, a sinner who strays.

Clef de Peau has been releasing temptation after temptation and today at the Anthem event there is a stunning, truly stunning skin available but alas, it is for the Genus head.

The Genus head and I are not friends. I have the basic and the babyface, and both are absolutely stunning but the hud is fighting me all the way. I simply can’t get it to work well enough to make it a pleasant experience and I went back, post-haste to my first love, LeLutka.

I wish to emphasise that this is by no means a negative review on the Genus head. Au contraire. If I could get the sucker to work, I’d be over the moon.

Now, back to the skin. Clef de Peau. He is a magician. First things first and some of you might recall my search for a new skin. I have spent the equivalent of what could have been a small second-hand car on skins and pretty much gave up. Skins either had idiotic contours, headlight boobies, pooped-in-my-panties bums and/or I managed to look like everybody else.

Writing this post is probably not helping me staying unique, or at least a bit unique but I am so in love with these skins that I just had to ramble about them, and no I am not a blogger for this store. Just a customer who happens to love the quality and craftsmanship.

And then the skin gods smiled down on me and I rediscovered Clef de Peau.  I have the Bianca in 2 tones and the Ana in 1 tone. The tones are lovely. Not too red, not too orangy not to this that or whatever just right. Eye of the beholder and all that.

Anyway enough ramble-splut-splut drool. For the people who take this shit really serious, here is a raw screenshot. Only resized it, not tricks no whatever. Raw inworld shot.

Do yourself a favour and make sure next time you are looking for a skin you visit this skin maker because well.. it’s worth it.


raw crop