Of Sim Design – Part 1

Recently I have rented a 1/4 sim and am having a ton of fun in making it my home. My idea of home is usually not what most consider a home in SL, however this first draft is pretty run-off-the-mill. 

Of course covering up the truly astounding horrendous ground textures is step one. Seriously, in what fantasy of the ideal home is poison green grass a good idea? And would it kill sim owners to actually learn to terraform so there are non-ragged parcel borders? 

Anyway… I have decided to use my soapbox as an archive and post a few snaps of aforementioned home-build. 

Just a few snaps nothing major. For posterity. 

My favorite chair on the best spot!
Enchanted Naughty Cat
Scratching the carpets.. Funny detail: this is the first home I made for myself that is actually fully decorated. Ie, it has chairs/sofa’s and carpets and decor. Obviously a WIP, and I do not like overly cluttered decors most of the time.
Echanted Pier
The absolute best, imho that is, feature of this build: The pier.
Enchanted Overview Pic
Last and sort of least lol a full-colour non-moody shot of my whole kingdom. Including the pines from my neighbour.