Rat.Pack Group Info

The Group Rat.Pack in Second Life is a private group, and joining currently requires a 200 linden fee. Please read below, and read carefully as there are NO refunds.

Why join?

Access to the build Vinefields, The Dam, May 2020.

Ability to rez pose-balls or small objects (within reason) to aid you in the making of a picture as long as it does not hinder other visitors or causes other disturbances.

It is NOT allowed to use Vinefields as your personal sandbox, dressing room, or AFK spot.

The fine print:

Joining this group means you have access to this particular build. It gives you NO rights whatsoever to future builds even if they are on the same sim. When this build closes (and it WILL), you will be kicked from the group.  If you wish access to future builds you will have to rejoin the group and pay the fee again.

Vinefields, The Dam will be open for a short time so consider carefully if it’s worth your 200 lindens. The management is not responsible for factors outside their influence that make the sim unavailable (SL downtime(s), Landlords going out of business)

Why is this?

It helps cover the cost of the tier (6700 lindens per week).

Please take note:

Vinefileds is a private sim, my home and adult-rated. The following rules apply:

Kid-, baby-, teen-avatars, and any too young looking avatars in general, non-human sex avatars, in any way shape or form, are NOT allowed on the sim. Regardless of paid fees, you will be banned. Any and all non-human avatars without sexual bits and bobs are more than welcome.

Not allowed: avatar parking, using the sim as a sandbox and/or dressing-room, using the sim as your default login point, non-functional nudity.

RP is encouraged, but keep it out of open chat.

Please keep your scripts/complexity to a minimum. Not everyone has supercomputers or bandwidth. Anyone with an avatar complexity that is off the scale, or with outdated stuff that lags like crazy, will be asked to leave or be helped to leave.

The management of the sim has the right to refuse and/or ban anyone, for any reason,  regardless of paid fees.

NO REFUNDS for any reason

As always, buyer beware: Read the above again before you join. By joining the group, you acknowledge you have read, understood, and accepted the above.

May 11, 2020 Version 1.0