It is a well-kept secret, or perhaps not, that I often agonize over pictures. Not so much over technical details, angles or crop or whatever. No, what I agonize most about is whether or not I do justice to the designs that I use. Be it skins, decor, hair or whatever.

If I admire the designer or designers, it is even worse. And since I only use stuff from designers I admire, you can imagine perhaps that doing this shit, making pictures in SL is almost an Olympic sport for me. It can become so severe that I disregard shot after shot after shot and in the end trashing the whole shoot. Sometimes sets or shots are worked on for days or even weeks and in the end, I trash it all. Yeah, I know, crazy right?

And it doesn’t matter if I blog for a designer or buy the stuff myself, I keep fretting and tweaking and driving mostly myself crazy.

Way back when my pixels were young I discovered a designer that ticked almost all my boxes. She is eclectic, crazy in a very healthy and sane way, and has I think a complete disregard for what is expected of her. You’ll never know what is next; A beautiful stunning bowl with water (which is a free gift and one of the best of its kind on the grid in my not so humble opinion), chairs that have textures that make yours truly drool even when I’m logged out, little bits of this, that and everything, jewelry, an alien penis and last but not least…. buildings. I am so epically in love with her builds.

Imokon Neox, owner, and designer of Cinphul has created a wide variety of things but they all have a few things in common; quality, stunning textures, and originality. Since you came all the way over here to read this, take another moment and hop over to her store and check it out.


PS, the chair, the barbed wire head gear thingie –> Cinphul. See I am horrid as blogger.

The Mess



With an enormous delay, I am finally opening the sim for a few days. Few days only because even though I love the build, I have another concept in mind that I am eager to start working on.

If you are looking for a well balanced, well thought out sim, with near perfect landscaping and a theme, you probably will be disappointed.

This sim is a collection of things that I love, but they do not necessarily fit together neatly. A sim long (or wide if you wish) road with a lot of electricity poles, was a longtime wish as well as the overgrown buildings partly in the water. The skeleton towers a happy accident and the rest a mismatched bunch of things I love for some reason.

Keep in mind that the sim will only be open for a couple of days. Meaning it will be closed again, no later than Saturday morning.

I do not do this to be exclusive, or whatever.  My main reason to be in SL is to make pictures and build. I love to build. I love to try things and that simply doesn’t work with a sim that is open to the public. So hop on over and look around while you can.

Simple rules: Don’t be a douche and if you are coming over to take pictures, make bloody sure that if you take a picture of a person or persons on the sim, you have their permission to do so. Now I hear you think that that is hard to enforce. True. You have one chance to be an ass. After that, you will have a permanent ban on any sim I will open in the future.

Also keep firmly in mind that this is NOT a public sim, but my home. Enjoy!





Lousy Blogger


By now, you all should be aware that as far as showcasing this or that I suck balls. I will always let my love for weird angles and black and white prevail instead of trying to make the perfect advertisement for product x, y or z.

And I don’t have too thank goodness. Most creators do stunning jobs when they make their vendor- and advertisement pictures. Often choosing angles and light that is not easily surpassed. What is left for me is trying to make a half decent picture and the fun of rambling a wee bit about the stuff that you can hardly manage to discern.

And oh boy I do love to ramble. Usually, I fawn over textures and this is no exception, but I will spare you. All stuff you hardly see in the above picture has awesome textures.  For once I will go over everything, starting with the barely visible background.

From Zerkalo, the Garage Door Set. Said garage door and a CCTV camera are available at the Man Cave Event. The texture, a graffiti style, is stunning. As you know I love urban style almost anything and this piece of decor is wonderful. In the flurry of backdrops here is an idea that I can get behind 100%. Because you can use it as just that, a backdrop, but also as an addition to your house, your street, or even as wall art. It comes as always in several options one of them is jam-packed with adult poses.

What I also like so very much about Zerkalo’s releases is the variety. Bold, metal and wood releases are interspersed with romantic, tender beautiful decor items. Of course, the latest release is available at Shiny Shabby and is a wonderful richly covered bed. So do your duty, and hop over to both events and have some fun drooling over them.

Also at Shiny Shabby the latest creation from RKKN. Now here is where you have to pay a bit of attention so wake up.

The Streetwear Outfit has shorts and leggings, a hoodie, cap and facemask and sneakers.

The sneakers are the only thing that specifically made for Maitreya. Meaning that if you choose to wear the rest, you might have to adjust your shape like I did or go nuts with your hud to make parts invisible. But the result regardless which route you take is awesome.

I love this style. I love the shorts and to combine them with way more feminine tops, is something that I absolutely love to do. In the picture, you see the shorts and sneakers paired with a top from COCO. But please, do yourself a favor and hop over to Shiny Shabby and get a good look at them. As always, try a demo to avoid disappointments.

I can be rather short about the quality of all items discussed, I can be short because it seems that everything these designers poop out, is always of the highest quality and will go a long, long way in your wardrobe and decorating needs.

COCO is one of my other ‘secret weapons’. If I ever find a pair of boyfriend jeans like she released a good while back, I’ll never take ‘m off. Same goes for the vest I am wearing, a style that again, I love real-life as well. They are somehow casual, sexy and if worn understated and not defiled with needless accessories, stylish as hell. The trick real-life is that to achieve that they almost have to be tailored unless you have a dream figure that screams for these things.

Now bugger off and do go do your assignments.







a·fi·ci·o·na·do – noun – a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime.

synonyms: connoisseurexpertauthorityspecialistpunditcognoscenteenthusiastdevotee;  informal: fan, bufffreaknutfiendmaniacfanaticaddictjunkie.

Ok, language class dismissed.

The title is self-explanatory since my stream on Flickr and this blog is filled with stuff from Nutmeg. It might even reach a point where it becomes dull and boring. Perhaps so, but what do you do when time and time again Nutmeg releases stuff that you love? Or what do you do, when older releases keep grabbing your attention?

Perhaps it’s no wonder that Neva hits the mark every single time or at least scores a solid 9 out of 10. Remember how she started? Right. She knows like no other, well perhaps yours truly has a tad of insight too, what SL is missing. Because it’s not about what is there. No offense to all the wonderful stuff out there, but for a designer, it is about what’s not there. Because that will sell.

Let’s be honest, SL has more than enough chairs. I actually once considered opening a parcel with just chairs. ‘The place where chairs come to die” or something morbid like that. When it comes to this particular chair, it is not just the chair, or the shape, or the textures, which are all sublime once more. It is not about the original poses although those alone would be worth the buy.

No. It is about nuance. This subtle hint of wear and tear of a classic style chair. The authentic wear and tear that you would pay a fortune for in life 1.0 if you came across it. It is rare.

Shabby chic, neo-antiques or whatever you want to call the style, is not only rough, dirty and worn textures. It is a fine balance between textures with subtle wear and tear and form. It is almost undefinable. If you want a definition, hop over to Nutmeg main store.




One of the things I like so much in SL is experimenting with combinations. Be it throwing together roads, builds, trees etc that perhaps at first glance do not belong together or be it clothes and accessories. Or in this picture, all of the above.

In day to day life, I am a hardcore jeans wearer. I honestly think that a well-chosen pair of preferably vintage jeans should be considered classic wear. Pair these jeans with a well-made pair of shoes, a Hermes scarf, a classic turtleneck, understated makeup and there are not many establishments that will refuse you entrance.

The key really is in my not so honest opinion to go for quality and fit. And if you do not have a perfect figure anymore likes yours truly it can be nothing shy of torture to find those items. Oh, the things we do for fun… Let’s gently steer away from too many real-life musings and go back the wonderful world of Second Life where life often is so much easier.

Experimenting with combinations. It is what I am doing currently with my new build and with the outfit I choose. Shi’s new releases threw me for a loop. Usual Shi’s designs make me want to do close-ups, avant-garde style pictures that focus on one item or even a part of an item. But what is more fun than challenging yourself? And let’s be honest, who would not pair the clogs, who are inspired by traditional Japanese design, with the stunning handbag from Bauhaus Movement? Being me, the jeans had to be thrown in and the rest is as they say history.  And creativity is such a beautiful process. Setting this shot up, it became part of the sim build.

I don’t have to ramble on about quality for all designers who’s stuff you see in the picture. Pretty soon you can feast your eyes on the decor items in the picture on my sim, but I am pretty sure you all have seen these items countless of times.  But…

I would like to ask you to investigate for yourself the clogs from Shi and the handbag from Bauhaus Movement. No, you don’t have to go on a buying spree if these items are not your style, but do yourself a favor and simply go and look at them. The quality and design are really exquisite.

To help you on your way, should you decide to accept this mission (yes I am a hardcore MI fan):

.Shi – Clogs

Bauhaus Movement – April Purse




the sim that didnt make it

The title should have read “And another one bites the dust” but BOOM sums it up nicely. It is the sound I imagine my sim makes, if I once again hit my all time favorite button in SL, return objects.

It was a near perfect build. The landscape was good, interesting, with a few surprises here and there. It had the perfect new rocks and cliffs from Skye, it had interesting builds, decor. But it lacked one thing. Flaws.

I like flaws. Flaws make that things are not boring. Flaws are what draws the eyes and what we see first and foremost. In a way, it’s rather sad that we are geared that way, but flaws also are a perfect way to train the eye (read: train our minds) to look beyond and discover the rest. Whether or not that rest is to our liking is as always a matter of personal taste.

There are at this time, tons of well build sims in SL, catering to a variety of tastes. I have decided I will gracefully bow out and not join to try and get my share of visitors. Not because I don’t want visitors but because I fail utterly in sucking up to the right people and on top of that I want the freedom to change my sim at will. That is hard when you have hordes of people visiting on a daily basis so it works out fine for me in a twisted way.

A lot of people have asked me if I don’t want to show off my build. Of course, I do. Of course, I am proud and chuffed when I see pictures on Flickr of ‘my creation’. And I grin like a monkey on acid when I see others copy my style or ideas. But that’s it. For me, the fun of SL is building. So yeah… how about that huh?

My build will not last long, it will change completely random, be blasted away on a whim and sorry in advance if you were just setting up for that one shot you just had to make and no I will not wait for you to be done. It will have a complete erratic policy on being open or closed, in short, it will be mine. The stray visitors that do find their way to this, will be more than welcome.

Away with the rules and away with the very much overused ‘Theme’. I don’t do themes. At best my build will be a happy mismatch of areas.

The only thing I am sure of right now is that my sim will sport the above three buildings. Or better, what is left of said buildings. Mea Culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, I used the San Mora builds. Again. And I paired them with Apple Fall builds. So for all you theme-addicts out there, have at it! See if you can make soup of that.

Anyways, back to the building, should you after reading this feel the urge to come and visit while I am building, find me in the world and I might add you to the land so you can come at will. The operative word in the last sentence ‘Might’.




Huricane Force


The Katysusha Elegant Armchair release of RK Poses has hit the grid. Released at Shiny Shabby, Keon Xenga presents a dazzling chair that comes in a few varieties. For all the details and an actual good look at the chairs please follow the links I provided below these humble ramblings.

But first I want to explain the title. Unless you are in hurry, then please do bugger off.

What happens when two incredibly creative and motivated people join forces and start to create content? Indeed a hurricane force. From urban bikes, poses and animations, to subtle sweet little knick-knacks to these formidable, chairs, they seem to create without effort.

Which of course is bullshit because there is a huge difference between having an idea, being inspired and actually creating it. To have the drive and patience and all that, to sit your ass down, learn how to make the mesh and how to texture it, is not a small feat.

I hear you say, but there are tons of others out there who do the same. True. I am partial to these two designers because I absolutely love their style and on a personal level their craziness. That does not mean I can not be honest about the stuff they make. And these chairs are worth having if they are your style.

If I recall correctly, Keon did the mesh and Neva the texturing, but please do not pin me down on this. We all know Keon from his idiotic outfits if he is seen in the wild, and from his poses and animations. Now we can add making furniture to that list.

And wow. I am in love with the shape, the style, the colors, the poses, the whole enchilada. I should not have used that saying, as the very word now makes me crave actual enchiladas so I’ll leave you here. Take a trip to Shiny Shabby, give the chairs a test ride, drool on them, Keon will clean it up and get greedy and buy them.

For those wanting to read up a bit first and actually see the chairs (I told you, I am a horrid blogger) please hop over to:

Keon Xenga Flickr     Neva Xenga Flickr

Happy Shopping.

Too Many Ideas

many fuckups make a decent picture or something like that

Right now  I am building and I have too many ideas. Also, designers release too many epic items. Release more crap ok? Thanks for reading and see ya next time.

What has this to do with the picture above? Allow me to explain:

While I am already overflowing with very different ideas for a sim build, I have to push it and make the gargantuan mistake to visit newly opened sims and stand there in awe of the skill and ideas other builders have.  Today Cloudline opened, a build by Axiomatic Clarity and last week Isle of May by Serene Footman. (click the names to their Flickr stream for landmarks and details).

Where I am aiming for a ‘bare-bones’, they have builds that are so well balanced and stunning that my mind keeps going back to them while I work on my own build. A recipe for confusion and even more ideas.

Designers releasing items that are so ‘me’ that I want to make a picture of them. But while I am working on the one picture, the other releases are still on my mind and distracting me from the task at hand. Again, confusion and too many ideas resulting in a result that does not satisfy me.

Last but not least, I also am way overdue to hand in a picture that portraits excitement. And that has been rattling around in my noggin’ as well. What is exciting for me? How do I capture it? And when I finally had an idea, the resulting picture was just not ‘it’.

Again, what does the above have to do with the picture? Usually, pictures that I discard end up in the bin, never to be seen or heard from again. Ever. Today I decided to go in the opposite direction and make them into a collage. The result is, funny enough, somewhat pleasing. At least to me, but then again all of this in the eye of the beholder.

And since I have this soapbox laying around, I figured I ramble a bit about too many ideas. Et voila.

Now all the above mentioned, self-appointed tasks are still on the to-do list. But first I am going to enjoy, thoroughly enjoy, having so many ideas that I end up doing nothing.


Skins – A Proper Rant

My staple skin(s) are pale, paler, palest. But variety is the spice of life so I set out to find a more tanned skin. Not a problem you would think. Oh boy. I stand corrected. It IS a problem if you are critical.

First things first; No pictures. I am not going to fry designers here because in all honesty I can’t be arsed to contact them all and let them say their piece. Which is in my not so humble opinion the only way to play it fair. So no names, no pictures. And no I will not go into this in-world either so no use contacting me. If you want to change skins, I advise you to do the legwork.

Ready? All buckled up? Here we go, in random order:

Vendor pictures are stunning most of the time. For me, they are the first way to sort through everything when I look for something new. Now I realize that not everything is as perfect as a vendor picture might show. But there is a huge gap between that and flat out lying.

Today I demoed like a pro. I tried the advertised skins, with the heads that were mentioned in the vendor pics and the shapes that came with the demo packages. And got squat. No dice. It simply does not look even remotely like the advertisement regardless what kind of settings I use. Hell with some skin/heads/shapes I could not get a match, even after altering the shape and fiddling with the windlights.

Non-matching face and body appliers. How the hell is it possible that some designers have nearly perfect matches and while others manage to make it look like they are using two completely different tones? No, I will not use the damn neck fixes. My chest and face have different tones. Or perhaps I missed the chest-fix? mhm? Or the back-fix. Or the shoulder-fix.

Some skins have onboard makeup. Which is cool. Sort of. Most of the time. Some use rouge in ways that is beyond me.  Rouge should be a slight dabbing of colored powder on the cheekbones, not fucking racing stripes. But then again, spandex these days is abused as well. I digress.

When I did find the right tone, right for me that is, then some parts of the body applier look like they have been forgotten. They have such contrasting highlights they won’t go amiss in a roadside warning set for your car.  The back of the arms and/or shoulders is far to light. The knees have sometimes a vastly different shade and then to my utter amazement, there are still body appliers out there that make you look like you just pooped in your pants. Seriously?

And what’s it with the stripes of white just above a bum-cleavage? A Sumo-belt-style tan line?

Demo skins with so many lines and stamps on the face that there is no way you can judge the skin. Trust me, I can’t be arsed to steal your precious skin texture cus you fucked it up so bad it’s not worth it.

“For the best effect use windlight xyz?” Are you fucking kidding me?? Did you just really lose the plot completely? You are basically saying that your skin looks bad and needs its own special lighting. Like Michael Jackson did in later life. Rest his soul. Cus lets face it, he didn’t look so hot at some point either. But he had moves. Guess what? You are not him. You are a skin designer who is messing up.

Now even if I were to fall for the windlight scam, yes I think it is a scam, then I will be happy in my little world with my special-lighting-needed-skin. But the rest of SL still sees my skin with their windlights. Up until now, I have not yet found a designer who is willing to force SL to use specific windlight settings because someone is wearing their skins. Get a grip.

It is a skill, an art creating textures with shading for a flat mesh object that YOU created. It is freakishly hard work to get everything right and near perfect. Let alone if you are working on objects that have a gazillion faces and all that.

Now I understand, thanks to a dear friend of mine who patiently explained a few things, that creating textures for mesh someone else created is horror. But that does not really interest me. Those are your problems. Not mine. I am not a designer. I am your worst nightmare, a critical consumer who sees that some hit the mark brilliantly and others miss it so far that is beyond me and they still have people buying their stuff.

Don’t even try to blame this on developer-kits. You are the one who obviously were sleeping during coloring-by-numbers-101. Do the work properly or call it a day.

Now, what set this off? Simple, it irks me that those missing the mark are amongst those who are most known and expensive for that matter. And I would not care this much, if not for the utter disappointment I feel. Because I am disappointed. For years I have bought my skins from the same 4 designers. One is still near perfection but I don’t like their darker tones. So I went out and tried the other 3 and from there it very much snowballed in how many skins I tried. I went deep, to use another catchphrase, and far off the beaten path and after 3 days of demoing skins I still have no tanned skin.

False advertising (vendor pics), windlight setting advice, utterly ugly and out of this world shading under the guise of ‘rouge’, natural effects and so on and so forth, is really not cool. It is in fact completely the opposite. It is what in my world is called a fucking travesty.