Of Procrastinating and BoM

Grass planting is a f*cking bore. All of you, yes, you three, who will grace my home with a visit when I hold my ‘open house’, better be on your best behavior and praise each bloody grass patch individually.

I find it so utterly boring and dull that while I was busy doing it, I often paused and explored BoM. Baked on Mesh. I am in love. I am absolutely in love and while this shot is just the first step into it, I expect many many more. Once more having the freedom to slap on as many layers as you wish, is such a relief.

The only things I regret now more than ever, are my inventory mishaps. I once took it upon myself to box up everything I was no longer using on a very regular basis. In my case, I packed up everything as I usually run around in jeans and a sweater. So, I packed up everything in neat boxes and then in a moment of utter insanity, threw them all out. By accident, I might add. Oh well. Better to have loved and lost than not have loved at all, n’est pas?

My new favorite store is Eleven because be honest, these eyebrows and moles are freaking awesome. As is the zombie eye, which btw is a group gift. Just so you know. I can not wait to see more and more new style system layers becoming available and create a more unique look once more. Preferably as flawed as can be.

Anywhoooo, this did not really help the sim building, a build that never was meant to be opened for the public but I will show off my grass planting skills. Or lack thereof. Eye of the beholder and all that.

The truly fucked up thing is that every single time I almost finish a build, I am so inspired. It is as if the building muses are leading a conga-line along the edges of my sim, firing idea after idea towards me. And this time, I am grateful for it, as I have learned from my past mistakes. I am now taking notes! And not only that but lists and lists of items I would need to use to create the builds that are now swirling in my head.

However, none of these builds will probably be of any interest to the masses. Unless you are a grass-fetishist. Put it in your calendars and sometime next week I will open Zero again for a very, very brief time so you can all gawk at the grass or perhaps simply enjoy a stroll.

I wish you good day kind readers, all 3 of you and thank you for your visit.


Of Defiance and Challenges

Fact: I will not be the best in this challenge.

The end.

How’s that for short and sweet huh? Here’s another fact: I am shy as f*ck when it comes to my pictures let alone take part in a challenge, competition, be invited for an exposition or the worst of all: asked to do commercial shoots.

I clamp up like a 35-year-old virgin on her wedding night. Seriously, all creativity, moxie and whatever else usually make a picture work for me, flees. Not just fleeing, as in a somewhat graceful and orderly retreat. No, no, no. A wild stampede, with drool and spit flying, bawling, howling and screeching in sheer terror because there is an actual brief.

There, the cat is out of the bag. I told you one day I’d tell the horrifying story of why I quit blogging and why I am so reluctant to accept new commissions to blog. It’s not that I do not want to. It is that it takes so much time for me to do it, because of my ‘angst’.

Can you believe that? Well, you better believe it. Anywhoo, so why this challenge? Why then ‘put myself out there’?  Because I firmly believe that if you allow fear to rule your life, you have no life. So here it goes. Oh and because the WL’s from Jay are lifesavers.

Crappy landscape? Uninspired layout? Ugly buildings or trees? No problem. A windlight (WL for the in-crowd) is like make-up for a scene. it changes everything and while it is possible to make your own, I leave it to the professionals.

Jay Tedder Murs is one such professional. Not only that, he is always been nice to me, when I bothered him with yet another noob question, and that goes a long, long way with yours truly.

On top of that, rummaging through my inventory tonight looking for a specific sofa, I came across this dress I bought a few weeks ago. Yes, in my inventory that makes perfect sense and what better way to test out a few new (for me at least) wl’s then with a pretty frock on? Stop.. don’t say it…

There are tons of better ways, no doubt, but you know what? Tonight, at this time in this place, this is my way. Inspired, by a frock, a pose (no longer available sadly) by the brilliant Tab Tatham who should in my not so humble opinion put her poses up for sale again, and spectacular sunsets.







Of Dreams and Wishes

It’s been a while since I was this inspired to build in SL. It all began when I decided to pack it up and move to a 1/4 homestead. Since I had a few weeks left before the next tier payment, I started to lay out what would be my house on said 1/4 homestead, trying to figure out how many prims I needed.

While doing so, I fell more and more in love with the house you see in the picture. It’s not decorated. The house on its own, IS the decor. At least in my world. But I was inspired. stories were unfolding in my head about the background of this house and the place it so proudly crowns.

Perhaps the previous owners left, quite some time ago I think, in a hurry. I like to think it was for happy reasons they left and simply left the house, the docks, the ramshackle stairs to their own devices. Grass and weeds growing everywhere, and bees and dragonflies zooming around like there is no tomorrow. Trees have fallen, died or multiplied without any control and sand has penetrated most nooks and crannies.

The pool in the sea is neglected and frogs have made it their kingdom. There is not much to see or do for those who expect spectacle or entertainment. Oh no, this place is forgotten by the world and only fit for hermits and those who seek solitude. Those who like to see horses run free and wild, those who like to sit on a deck and stare out over the endless empty seas.

While exploring and pondering, summer is reaching its end and slowly trees and shrubbery start to show their autumn colors. Rains lash the place at times while on other days a place in the shade goes at a premium.

No, it’s not a fast-paced, bustling market or a city with towering buildings and rows and rows of urban dwellings. Far from that. There is an old electricity pole with its wires hanging down, once connected to the world beyond, but now only a lonely reminder of what once probably was a hotspot.

Anyway, I can drone on and on. But why don’t you come by and see for yourself? I have it on very good authority that the owner would not mind at all. Just allow for a bit more time to get ready before you stop by. A little bit longer…

Of Light and Lighter

Making dark pictures is one of the more easy things for me to do. The darker pictures also hide flaws in the decor, especially land textures and unruly trees and/or bushes.

Light pictures are hard. They are unforgiving. They reveal everything, every flaw, every misplaced object. A badly chosen angle. You name it, darker pictures with deep shadows hide most flaws. However a ‘simple black and white’ picture is an art.

Everything of course, in the eye of the beholder.

So why the burst of light all of a sudden? There are several reasons for it, the two most important I’ll gladly share.

Mood. I am not in a post-apoc mood. Most of you know I have spent the better part of the last 2 years trying to come up with a new post-apoc and/or run-down urban build. A short while ago I wondered why I could not finish a build. I have shown people parts of it, a few friends and they all encouraged me to finish it, or even to open the sim as it was when I showed them because it was ‘unique, typical Rwah, brilliant’ you name it. The compliments and encouragement were truly heartwarming and well-meant. So why didn’t it ‘jive’?

I didn’t feel it. Let’s face it, when I am building for myself, it’s not only about building and doing the best and/or most original job I possibly can. It is also about feeling, creating a space or environment that makes you feel good. It didn’t make me feel good.

The second reason is even more simple; I want a long, lonely beach and on top of a bunch of rocks a house that has just the right amount of wear and tear. I found such a house in the Sal House from Concept and I fell in love with the impossible shape, the size, the textures and I just had to make a sim with it. So there. No grand mysteries.

And oh yes, the house, it screams for a light picture. Now there is light and there is lighter. I chose the latter.

Yes, the sim will open for the public, not for a long time, but just long enough.


Of Points of View


Believe it or not, this picture was not about capturing the grass, which by the way I am mightly pleased I finally managed for a change, it was not about my left foot or even the jeans, tho as you can imagine if you know me just a little bit, are one of my all-time favorites, no, this picture was supposed to be about the house.

Well, the house IS truly marvelous, and my current favorite, but since you can hardly see it, I will save that for a later day.

When I am building, I often stumble upon angles, possible shots, near-perfect views, etc. Often I just continue building because once those building juices flow, I like to just go with it instead of pursuing other things. Last night I was done for the day and found myself trying out poses a dear friend gave me. And low and behold a picture was taken. In that picture, one could not only see the house, the stunning view of the water, a few trees and the aforementioned grass.

Then came the part of the process where most pictures go to die, the post-processing. The view so stunning in-world fell flat. Now there are numerous of tricks to give it depth and all that, but I am trying to shoot a picture that doesn’t need many tricks. One trick in the book was left. Cropping.

And here we are, the thrilling tale of this picture has been told, I am sure the story will be told many many years as it’s no doubt the most thrilling one you ever read. Or perhaps not, but that is how things go, not everything has an exciting story, some things just are the somewhat boring day to day adventures.

The grass is of course from Skye, Wild Grass Collection, and the jeans are from RKKN, “Nicole”, available at RKKN Mainstore.

The jeans, I have to mention them, are, for me, just perfection. I am so done with the paint-on jeans and these truly are a breath of fresh air combined with the stunning textures count on it that I will be wearing these for a long, long, long time to come. The belt that goes with it is also a much-needed accessory. At this point I feel that anything else I will tell you about ‘m will make you think ‘yeah yeah whatever’, so I will shut up and leave you to go check them out for yourself.


Of Harvesting and Lazing


For those in a hurry, Nutmeg, Zerkalo (barely visible but I am as always true to form), Apple Fall, Anc, Maitreya, Monso, RKKN. Thnxbai enjoy.

For those with a bit more time, here we go.

Once more I am having a blast building. I have no idea if this build will make it, but after receiving several threats, ranging from exasperating sighs to full-blown ‘do-it’ or else, we will see, shall we?

What I do know is that I am in ” an autumn-state-of-mind’. Considering the temperature here is around 37 degrees Celsius or for the Americans, around 95 Fahrenheit, one can maybe imagine that I do long so bad for cool, crisp autumn weather. But just like unicorns, that won’t be happening anytime soon here. So I decided to quench my desires for autumn in SL. Why not heh?

On top of that, I am trying, emphasis on trying to build a sim once more totally based on what I like. Meaning I get lost for hours in my inventory, because trees are still hiding behind socks, pants are neatly folded behind teakettles and in between mesh body parts poke out in rather disturbing ways. It makes building a rather lengthy, though interesting affair. One day I will try to organize my inventory again. I used to do that while listening to music in a club, but my laptop is so outdated that I’m afraid it will blow if I do anything when out and about other then frantically derendering everything and everybody. You might wonder what this all has to do with the above picture? Allow me…

Zerkalo and Nutmeg both have new releases out at Kustom9, opening tomorrow but you can cam shop, which yours truly always loves. Both releases are stunning and were the inspiration for the above picture. Not only that, as the other items in the picture also are simply stunning and have been gathering dust in my inventory for far too long. I mean, that Apple Fall Outdoor Fireplace is just freaking awesome! As is the assortment of fruit, scattered around, piled high in a beautiful bowl or my favorite, stored in a cup.

A pile of blankets is a must-have in autumn as well as a comfy bench. An old sled easily doubles as a table while a stool is the perfect side-table to hold my coffee and book. All set in a garden that has grown slightly wild over the summer.

Throw this all in the mix, together with comfy slipper shoes, a just-not-too-warm-sweater and some old jeans shorts make me a very happy bunch of pixels indeed.

I won’t bore you to tears with how good it all is, I will, however, make a list for your convenience so you can take a look at all these goodies for yourself.

Nutmeg Main Store   – Fruits, sled, cups, stool

Zerkalo (link to Kustom9) – blankets

Apple Fall Main Store – Fireplace

{Anc} – (link to Kustom9) Bushes

RKKN – Shorts, slipper shoes, sweater, suspenders

Maitreya – Dahlia socks

MONSO – Hair

You have your itinerary, off you go!


Note: the management is not responsible for going the wrong way; hands and feet should be kept close to the body at all times. 

Of A House on a Hill


Never Totally Dead creates decor and houses that grace, or have graced, many beautiful sims. Meticulous design, paired with unique textures create a look and feel that is just gorgeous.

“Le Boudoir”, their latest release, available at Cosmopolitan is yet another build that ticks all the aforementioned boxes. I am in love with it and my interpretation of mood and vibe is just one of many possibilities this build offers.

Autumn is my favorite season and after most leaves have fallen or are blown away there is this brief period of bare trees and bushes before King Winter comes knocking. I choose to skip the riot of autumn colors and go straight to bare branches because the colors of the house are absolutely spectacular.

The house comes with a hud that allows you to change the texture on the walls on the inside or you can use your own as the house is copy/mod.

Do yourself and your favorite shopping outfit a favor and hop over to see this build in-world. As per usual my pictures don’t do the subject justice, but while I have your attention; When you visit Never Totally Dead you can see all their houses in all their glory. So, enough drooling.  Go shop.


Of Summer and days


When I started blogging waaaay back, just after the wheel was invented, I tried very hard to create decor scenes. Or scenes or whatever you want to call them. It meant patiently placing every single item in a precise spot, because if you labour under the illusion that those stunning decorating pictures ‘just happen’, you are sorely mistaken.

After hours of painstakingly fiddling around with 10, 20, 30 or more objects there usually was one thing missing. Or at least I used to think so, and that set me off on a hunt for that one special item that would make the picture complete and perfect.

And still, my pictures looked like crap compared to those who are in my not so humble opinion absolute masters when it comes to decor pictures. Then I discovered close-ups and a bit later I started to use and place decor items in different ways. The rest is history.

I still consider myself a mediocre ‘full scene’ photographer but today, inspired by the items you see in the above picture I figured I would at least try. I also had the good fortune to once again have a very good friend giving me the encouragement I needed not to trash the raw shot but use it.

And while I was editing the picture I started to realize something; I have not spent hours setting this up, I did not feel the need to find that last special item that would make it ‘perfect’. Don’t get me wrong, it still takes a bit of time to rez and place stuff, that is just how SL is, but it was easy! It was actually fun because as always whole stories unfolded while my scene grew. I won’t bore you to tears with the stories, but I think it is safe to say, I have finally learned to work with the things I was planning to use and leave it at that.

Well, hand me my big-girl panties!

So, in a way, I am rather proud of this picture. It is yet another marker in the SL journey and perhaps, who knows, I will eventually even become a half-decent blogger. Now that is a scary thought.

Anyhoo, enough of my introspection. The stuff you see on the picture comes from two designers. Nutmeg and Skye.

Since I have mixed and matched a few releases I urge you to go over to the Nutmeg main store where the new releases are on full display. That way you can see for yourself how bloody beautiful they are. While you are doing that, take a moment and zoom in on random details to see the quality of the textures and all the intricate little details. It is so worth it.

While at the Nutmeg main store, you will find information, per set, at what events you can buy the sets or separate items.

While you do have your walking shoes on, do not forget to hop over the Studio Skye sim(s) where you can see the beaches I used (hardly visible but what else is new lol) and the grasses and bushes.

Well, look at me in my big-girl panties. A picture, some ramblings, product information, bloody hell, I hope I am not becoming a good blogger because let’s face it, that would be so dull.


Of Apologies and Joy


Note to self: Before pestering creators, make sure you have checked in-world if there is a store…

Apologies to Danel Kurosawa from Garden of Ku because in my impatience and partly disbelieve, I have pestered him with comments and Flickr-mails asking where I could buy his newest tattoos. The answer is pretty simple; In his store in-world.

When I first started in SL a friend introduced me to this store and after that not a day went by without me wearing one of his creations. when mesh took over, it was with regret that I said goodbye to my favorite ink and of course, others have long since stepped up to the plate. But I always missed my favorite tat. It nagged.

The last few years I checked regularly and then sort of started to forget about it, until… I saw the first pictures popping up. More waiting, hardly daring to hope and hey, I had become this pretty doll without ink. Well, now I am a pretty doll with my all-time favorite tattoo, “Kali Durga”_by GoK.

His work is excellent and I am not going to bore you to tears droning on about quality and all that, but it’s freaking epicness!! As per usual I don’t do it justice. Remember, I am the perpetual bad blogger.

On another note; Due to a shoulder that has not past the yearly inspection typing is exceedingly difficult and I am simply too impatient to type with one hand when behind the computer. So I am not on another break from SL, but severely limiting my online (or behind the computer) time. The offending part needs rest. Soon as I am capable to pull up my pants without pain I will be back full swing, post haste. So now you all know. All 3 of you who actually read this!

Short and sweet this time. Picture me with a huge smile on my face as the joy I felt finding out that this ink was available put it there.