All opinions expressed are my own unless specifically stated otherwise.

I am not affiliated with Linden Labs or any of their enterprises. I am affiliated, with a few people who graciously bestow their creations on me and in return, I use those items to make pictures. You can find the designers I ‘blog’ for under here.

All pictures, unless stated otherwise are post-processed. Items shown in pictures may, or may not look vastly different (color etc) in-world. Even raw shots can give a miss-representation so always check the product in-world before buying.

Profanities, political-incorrectness, a total disregard for any and all SL-in-world-politics or customs, and stampeding bulls in china-shops are to be expected with agonizing frequency.

This blog is personal and I consider it my soapbox.

Blablablabla, more blah, and some blegh. In short, my blog, my opinions, and buyer beware.