Of Defiance and Challenges

Fact: I will not be the best in this challenge.

The end.

How’s that for short and sweet huh? Here’s another fact: I am shy as f*ck when it comes to my pictures let alone take part in a challenge, competition, be invited for an exposition or the worst of all: asked to do commercial shoots.

I clamp up like a 35-year-old virgin on her wedding night. Seriously, all creativity, moxie and whatever else usually make a picture work for me, flees. Not just fleeing, as in a somewhat graceful and orderly retreat. No, no, no. A wild stampede, with drool and spit flying, bawling, howling and screeching in sheer terror because there is an actual brief.

There, the cat is out of the bag. I told you one day I’d tell the horrifying story of why I quit blogging and why I am so reluctant to accept new commissions to blog. It’s not that I do not want to. It is that it takes so much time for me to do it, because of my ‘angst’.

Can you believe that? Well, you better believe it. Anywhoo, so why this challenge? Why then ‘put myself out there’?  Because I firmly believe that if you allow fear to rule your life, you have no life. So here it goes. Oh and because the WL’s from Jay are lifesavers.

Crappy landscape? Uninspired layout? Ugly buildings or trees? No problem. A windlight (WL for the in-crowd) is like make-up for a scene. it changes everything and while it is possible to make your own, I leave it to the professionals.

Jay Tedder Murs is one such professional. Not only that, he is always been nice to me, when I bothered him with yet another noob question, and that goes a long, long way with yours truly.

On top of that, rummaging through my inventory tonight looking for a specific sofa, I came across this dress I bought a few weeks ago. Yes, in my inventory that makes perfect sense and what better way to test out a few new (for me at least) wl’s then with a pretty frock on? Stop.. don’t say it…

There are tons of better ways, no doubt, but you know what? Tonight, at this time in this place, this is my way. Inspired, by a frock, a pose (no longer available sadly) by the brilliant Tab Tatham who should in my not so humble opinion put her poses up for sale again, and spectacular sunsets.







Of Points of View


Believe it or not, this picture was not about capturing the grass, which by the way I am mightly pleased I finally managed for a change, it was not about my left foot or even the jeans, tho as you can imagine if you know me just a little bit, are one of my all-time favorites, no, this picture was supposed to be about the house.

Well, the house IS truly marvelous, and my current favorite, but since you can hardly see it, I will save that for a later day.

When I am building, I often stumble upon angles, possible shots, near-perfect views, etc. Often I just continue building because once those building juices flow, I like to just go with it instead of pursuing other things. Last night I was done for the day and found myself trying out poses a dear friend gave me. And low and behold a picture was taken. In that picture, one could not only see the house, the stunning view of the water, a few trees and the aforementioned grass.

Then came the part of the process where most pictures go to die, the post-processing. The view so stunning in-world fell flat. Now there are numerous of tricks to give it depth and all that, but I am trying to shoot a picture that doesn’t need many tricks. One trick in the book was left. Cropping.

And here we are, the thrilling tale of this picture has been told, I am sure the story will be told many many years as it’s no doubt the most thrilling one you ever read. Or perhaps not, but that is how things go, not everything has an exciting story, some things just are the somewhat boring day to day adventures.

The grass is of course from Skye, Wild Grass Collection, and the jeans are from RKKN, “Nicole”, available at RKKN Mainstore.

The jeans, I have to mention them, are, for me, just perfection. I am so done with the paint-on jeans and these truly are a breath of fresh air combined with the stunning textures count on it that I will be wearing these for a long, long, long time to come. The belt that goes with it is also a much-needed accessory. At this point I feel that anything else I will tell you about ‘m will make you think ‘yeah yeah whatever’, so I will shut up and leave you to go check them out for yourself.


Of Harvesting and Lazing


For those in a hurry, Nutmeg, Zerkalo (barely visible but I am as always true to form), Apple Fall, Anc, Maitreya, Monso, RKKN. Thnxbai enjoy.

For those with a bit more time, here we go.

Once more I am having a blast building. I have no idea if this build will make it, but after receiving several threats, ranging from exasperating sighs to full-blown ‘do-it’ or else, we will see, shall we?

What I do know is that I am in ” an autumn-state-of-mind’. Considering the temperature here is around 37 degrees Celsius or for the Americans, around 95 Fahrenheit, one can maybe imagine that I do long so bad for cool, crisp autumn weather. But just like unicorns, that won’t be happening anytime soon here. So I decided to quench my desires for autumn in SL. Why not heh?

On top of that, I am trying, emphasis on trying to build a sim once more totally based on what I like. Meaning I get lost for hours in my inventory, because trees are still hiding behind socks, pants are neatly folded behind teakettles and in between mesh body parts poke out in rather disturbing ways. It makes building a rather lengthy, though interesting affair. One day I will try to organize my inventory again. I used to do that while listening to music in a club, but my laptop is so outdated that I’m afraid it will blow if I do anything when out and about other then frantically derendering everything and everybody. You might wonder what this all has to do with the above picture? Allow me…

Zerkalo and Nutmeg both have new releases out at Kustom9, opening tomorrow but you can cam shop, which yours truly always loves. Both releases are stunning and were the inspiration for the above picture. Not only that, as the other items in the picture also are simply stunning and have been gathering dust in my inventory for far too long. I mean, that Apple Fall Outdoor Fireplace is just freaking awesome! As is the assortment of fruit, scattered around, piled high in a beautiful bowl or my favorite, stored in a cup.

A pile of blankets is a must-have in autumn as well as a comfy bench. An old sled easily doubles as a table while a stool is the perfect side-table to hold my coffee and book. All set in a garden that has grown slightly wild over the summer.

Throw this all in the mix, together with comfy slipper shoes, a just-not-too-warm-sweater and some old jeans shorts make me a very happy bunch of pixels indeed.

I won’t bore you to tears with how good it all is, I will, however, make a list for your convenience so you can take a look at all these goodies for yourself.

Nutmeg Main Store   – Fruits, sled, cups, stool

Zerkalo (link to Kustom9) – blankets

Apple Fall Main Store – Fireplace

{Anc} – (link to Kustom9) Bushes

RKKN – Shorts, slipper shoes, sweater, suspenders

Maitreya – Dahlia socks

MONSO – Hair

You have your itinerary, off you go!


Note: the management is not responsible for going the wrong way; hands and feet should be kept close to the body at all times. 

Of Apologies and Joy


Note to self: Before pestering creators, make sure you have checked in-world if there is a store…

Apologies to Danel Kurosawa from Garden of Ku because in my impatience and partly disbelieve, I have pestered him with comments and Flickr-mails asking where I could buy his newest tattoos. The answer is pretty simple; In his store in-world.

When I first started in SL a friend introduced me to this store and after that not a day went by without me wearing one of his creations. when mesh took over, it was with regret that I said goodbye to my favorite ink and of course, others have long since stepped up to the plate. But I always missed my favorite tat. It nagged.

The last few years I checked regularly and then sort of started to forget about it, until… I saw the first pictures popping up. More waiting, hardly daring to hope and hey, I had become this pretty doll without ink. Well, now I am a pretty doll with my all-time favorite tattoo, “Kali Durga”_by GoK.

His work is excellent and I am not going to bore you to tears droning on about quality and all that, but it’s freaking epicness!! As per usual I don’t do it justice. Remember, I am the perpetual bad blogger.

On another note; Due to a shoulder that has not past the yearly inspection typing is exceedingly difficult and I am simply too impatient to type with one hand when behind the computer. So I am not on another break from SL, but severely limiting my online (or behind the computer) time. The offending part needs rest. Soon as I am capable to pull up my pants without pain I will be back full swing, post haste. So now you all know. All 3 of you who actually read this!

Short and sweet this time. Picture me with a huge smile on my face as the joy I felt finding out that this ink was available put it there.


Of Boys and Girls

With my shoulder still not being back to full-time duty, this will be short and sweet but I felt I had to ramble a wee bit about the latest RKKN release’s.

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first shall we?

F*CK Yes. Finally decent textured jeans for females and you guys, well you have been spoiled anyhow with good textured jeans but now you have the cherry on the cake. But I run ahead of myself. Women’s jeans in SL are outfitted like it’s spandex denim. Huge bubble asses, tight all the way down and extremely boring.  Finding a good pair of boyfriend jeans was extremely hard, don’t get me started about a pair of thoroughly ripped ones. 

My tribulations are over. When I saw the jeans I was just grinning like an idiot and actually feeling happy. (we can have a private talk about how pixels have such effect on me someday).

So let’s get down to the dirty details ok? Textures? To bloody die for. Realistic denim textures and colors that are right up my alley. The shape of the jeans, and how they hold up in various poses, is great. On top of that, if you want to reveal yourself a bit more, just don’t wear the panties add on. Also right on my alley.

The female outfit comes with a shirt, whereas the male outfit comes with an absolutely epic jacket. Epicness.

Now the jacket is very much not rigged for women. That never stopped me in the past and it didn’t today. Yes, I know my boobies are ‘gone’, big whoop. This jacket is awesome and I love it.

Either way, do yourself a favor and clickety-click on the Flickr links and follow the breadcrumbs from there.

RKKN. Jordan @Man Cave June – Jacket and pants for males

RKKN. Calvin & Ivy @Kustom9 June – Male jeans and females jeans and tops

I will you leave you here because as said my shoulder is still smarting and typing is not what the doctor ordered.


Of New and Fun

face 1

Even the most devout, pale loving skin freaks do sometimes find themselves tempted by the sultry darker type skins. I am not an exception. Perhaps the truly pale skin worshipers will stay true to their religion. I am at best, a sinner who strays.

Clef de Peau has been releasing temptation after temptation and today at the Anthem event there is a stunning, truly stunning skin available but alas, it is for the Genus head.

The Genus head and I are not friends. I have the basic and the babyface, and both are absolutely stunning but the hud is fighting me all the way. I simply can’t get it to work well enough to make it a pleasant experience and I went back, post-haste to my first love, LeLutka.

I wish to emphasise that this is by no means a negative review on the Genus head. Au contraire. If I could get the sucker to work, I’d be over the moon.

Now, back to the skin. Clef de Peau. He is a magician. First things first and some of you might recall my search for a new skin. I have spent the equivalent of what could have been a small second-hand car on skins and pretty much gave up. Skins either had idiotic contours, headlight boobies, pooped-in-my-panties bums and/or I managed to look like everybody else.

Writing this post is probably not helping me staying unique, or at least a bit unique but I am so in love with these skins that I just had to ramble about them, and no I am not a blogger for this store. Just a customer who happens to love the quality and craftsmanship.

And then the skin gods smiled down on me and I rediscovered Clef de Peau.  I have the Bianca in 2 tones and the Ana in 1 tone. The tones are lovely. Not too red, not too orangy not to this that or whatever just right. Eye of the beholder and all that.

Anyway enough ramble-splut-splut drool. For the people who take this shit really serious, here is a raw screenshot. Only resized it, not tricks no whatever. Raw inworld shot.

Do yourself a favour and make sure next time you are looking for a skin you visit this skin maker because well.. it’s worth it.


raw crop




Of Goggles and Chaises

131 goggles and chaises

That I am a ‘bad’ blogger is well known, at least to those who pay attention and this picture is no exception. I set out to show some of the RKKN goodies that have been released and then pair them with the chaise released a while back by Nutmeg.

You’ll need to visit both stores I’m afraid if you want a good look at the shirt I am wearing, which is part of the Avalon release. A rather epic release with the robotic arm (and legs had I been wearing the trousers which I am not). The chaise I am artfully draped on is of course from Nutmeg.

Do yourself a favour and hop over to Nutmeg and RKKN (REKA Holdings) and check both items out. And oh, while you are there don’t forget to check out the goggles which are also from RKKN.

I won’t bore you with the usual drivel about quality because I do not mind being a bad blogger. I do mind being a boring one. So, shopping assignments distributed, let’s talk about stuff I have been doing besides trying to learn Affinity.

A wee trip to Mexico, visiting the stunning Basilica de Guadalupe which blew me away and experiments with watercolours, oil- and acrylic paints with varying successes. Besides the creative endeavours, I have decided to start making my own bread. Which leads to flour settling in every nook and cranny in my apartment and that in turn leads me to clean a lot. As you can see, more than enough to do.

And in between, I am still building, which by now has become a standing joke and I think there are actual bets out on whether or not I will open the sim ever again. The jury is still out.

I am still trying to juggle my more demanding schedule and finding time for SL so, for now, I ask you, my 1.5 readers, bear with me.


Of the SoulCollector’s Asylum

128 b

I am stuck. Stuck with building and although I have many ideas, some good, some horrible, I just can’t get it right. It is the old problem, too many different ideas. But there is hope.

Hope in the form of truly spectacular releases from Nomad. Only today I got my greedy hands on the Asylum stuff, which is a gacha. Now those of you who know me a bit know I bloody despise gacha’s for decor stuff, but there is very good news. Nomad trades them in. And does this very graciously. It is truly a breath of fresh air to encounter a designer who not only creates gorgeous things but is also friendly and nice.

The Asylum release consists of many items but the building and the fence and gate are my absolute favorites. They are bloody gorgeous. Everything adds up and is perfectly textured and made.

Do yourself a favor and hop over to the Noman Mainstore and check out the latest releases.

The cape.. or hooded cape, I have no better word for it, is from Cinphul. Now it is a public secret that I have a soft spot for darker themed pictures and this release, combined with the Asylum from Nomad was for me the reason to quit trying to create a sim and instead try to create a half decent picture.

Be aware though: My picture might be half decent but both releases mentioned in this rather meager epos are not. They are top notch.


the story is sad, yet thrilling. After her mother left them, her father became her whole world. He loved his daughter. Loved, past tense as the story truly begins on that fatal night when he ran out, half mad with fear, to find a physician as his darling daughter had fallen sick. Halfway on his mission a well-aimed truncheon knocked him down, mistakenly thinking he was a murderer on the run. Whilst all that was sorted and he was proven innocent, his life as he knew it was over. He never recovered and after loving neighbors and a distant Aunt relayed the tragic story to the little girl, she didn’t either. 

Ever since that fatal night, she never spoke again and while she fully recovered physically, her mind seemed to have taken refuge in bittersweet memories.

Each night a soft, eerie wailing could be heard as she moaned and whimpered for her beloved father. It was not long until she became the youngest ever resident of the darkest place in town. The Asylum.

I am getting way ahead of myself if I tell you that every since her tiny pale foot crossed the threshold and she heard the gates creak, shutting behind her, that slowly but surely the town changed.  One can only imagine the horrors the once so bright and happy girl must have suffered inside. Her passing on should have been a release, her soul finally free to join her beloved father but somehow that didn’t happen… 

to be continued. Perhaps…



Of Sneakers and Panties


Nutmeg and RKKN have rapidly earned a place amongst the best designers on the grid. Now before I delve into that, and before you think I am totally biased, pull up a chair and allow me to explain as to why I think so.

When I first started to get interested in decorating I spent a LOT of money buying crap. I had no idea of the differences in quality. Over the years I have become very critical when it comes to decorating items and where I buy my items. For those wondering, yes I buy almost everything myself.

As for clothes, when I started it was even worse. Mesh was brand new and the products were… well new too. I vividly remember seeing a shirt and coat combo on a blog and I loved that style so much. I bought both, put it on, only to discover that in the back the shirt broke through the coat and that there was no way to fix that. I also remember how bloody angry I was.  I learned a valuable lesson that instant and from there on out, I became critical, perhaps even overly critical.

I spend tons of time standing in stores, inspecting designs, scrutinizing textures and bakes and shadows and fuck knows what else. Some designers must have thought I was just another homeless bum, whiling away time. I was not, I was learning and I still am.

My SL is usually on minimal settings, midday light and trust me, it’s not flattering. Everything I see has to be good in those low settings. I flat out refuse to fiddle with LOD settings, windlights or what more. I don’t care if its decor, skins, or clothes if it doesn’t look good on low settings I will not touch it.

Does this make me an expert? I have no idea if it does. I know what I like and what I don’t like as many of you do. Spending most of my time in SL building sims and decorating and the rest of my time comparing products and trying to find new ones, I think I might have gained a wee bit of insight.

Expert or not, I am exceptionally critical and should a new resident of SL find their way to my blog, they will find no bad decor items or broken mesh clothes or skins that look like you just escaped from a science experiment.

Now with this said: “Nutmeg and RKKN have rapidly earned a place amongst the best designers on the grid.”

Based on the above, based on my experience, I dare say that. I dare say they are amongst the best designers. The products might not be your style, but the quality is among the best you will find in SL.


Nutmeg – Old Wooden Boat

RKKN – Remi’s outfit and RKKN – Annan’s Sweatpants & Panties