the sim that didnt make it

The title should have read “And another one bites the dust” but BOOM sums it up nicely. It is the sound I imagine my sim makes, if I once again hit my all time favorite button in SL, return objects.

It was a near perfect build. The landscape was good, interesting, with a few surprises here and there. It had the perfect new rocks and cliffs from Skye, it had interesting builds, decor. But it lacked one thing. Flaws.

I like flaws. Flaws make that things are not boring. Flaws are what draws the eyes and what we see first and foremost. In a way, it’s rather sad that we are geared that way, but flaws also are a perfect way to train the eye (read: train our minds) to look beyond and discover the rest. Whether or not that rest is to our liking is as always a matter of personal taste.

There are at this time, tons of well build sims in SL, catering to a variety of tastes. I have decided I will gracefully bow out and not join to try and get my share of visitors. Not because I don’t want visitors but because I fail utterly in sucking up to the right people and on top of that I want the freedom to change my sim at will. That is hard when you have hordes of people visiting on a daily basis so it works out fine for me in a twisted way.

A lot of people have asked me if I don’t want to show off my build. Of course, I do. Of course, I am proud and chuffed when I see pictures on Flickr of ‘my creation’. And I grin like a monkey on acid when I see others copy my style or ideas. But that’s it. For me, the fun of SL is building. So yeah… how about that huh?

My build will not last long, it will change completely random, be blasted away on a whim and sorry in advance if you were just setting up for that one shot you just had to make and no I will not wait for you to be done. It will have a complete erratic policy on being open or closed, in short, it will be mine. The stray visitors that do find their way to this, will be more than welcome.

Away with the rules and away with the very much overused ‘Theme’. I don’t do themes. At best my build will be a happy mismatch of areas.

The only thing I am sure of right now is that my sim will sport the above three buildings. Or better, what is left of said buildings. Mea Culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, I used the San Mora builds. Again. And I paired them with Apple Fall builds. So for all you theme-addicts out there, have at it! See if you can make soup of that.

Anyways, back to the building, should you after reading this feel the urge to come and visit while I am building, find me in the world and I might add you to the land so you can come at will. The operative word in the last sentence ‘Might’.




Too Many Ideas

many fuckups make a decent picture or something like that

Right now  I am building and I have too many ideas. Also, designers release too many epic items. Release more crap ok? Thanks for reading and see ya next time.

What has this to do with the picture above? Allow me to explain:

While I am already overflowing with very different ideas for a sim build, I have to push it and make the gargantuan mistake to visit newly opened sims and stand there in awe of the skill and ideas other builders have.  Today Cloudline opened, a build by Axiomatic Clarity and last week Isle of May by Serene Footman. (click the names to their Flickr stream for landmarks and details).

Where I am aiming for a ‘bare-bones’, they have builds that are so well balanced and stunning that my mind keeps going back to them while I work on my own build. A recipe for confusion and even more ideas.

Designers releasing items that are so ‘me’ that I want to make a picture of them. But while I am working on the one picture, the other releases are still on my mind and distracting me from the task at hand. Again, confusion and too many ideas resulting in a result that does not satisfy me.

Last but not least, I also am way overdue to hand in a picture that portraits excitement. And that has been rattling around in my noggin’ as well. What is exciting for me? How do I capture it? And when I finally had an idea, the resulting picture was just not ‘it’.

Again, what does the above have to do with the picture? Usually, pictures that I discard end up in the bin, never to be seen or heard from again. Ever. Today I decided to go in the opposite direction and make them into a collage. The result is, funny enough, somewhat pleasing. At least to me, but then again all of this in the eye of the beholder.

And since I have this soapbox laying around, I figured I ramble a bit about too many ideas. Et voila.

Now all the above mentioned, self-appointed tasks are still on the to-do list. But first I am going to enjoy, thoroughly enjoy, having so many ideas that I end up doing nothing.




(raw in-world shot, only resized)

Alex Bader, owner, and designer of Studio Skye is spoiling us with a brand new set of cliffs. I had the good fortune to be given a few to toy around with and oh boy.

Let’s ignore my status as a noob when it comes to working with items like this and focus on the important stuff.

The cliffs are shaped more angular,  yet completely natural, something that yours truly loves. They have sharp, bold, fierce shapes that almost without effort mesh together. I think that the possibilities to create soring cliff-scapes (is that even a word?) will be really almost endless. Due to their form, and the way you can easily match them with other cliffs and rocks from Studio Skye, your own fantasy will be the limit.

They will not only serve those who love to create life-like landscapes but also those who build fantasy worlds will be pleasantly surprised I think.

I can imagine you looking at the picture above and think ‘yeah right, ramble on toots, that doesn’t look impressive at all’ and you would be right. It does not. The set up I made is suitable for my build, and as always I have spent more time licking textures then trying to create a landscape.

The back of the bigger sized cliffs are flat, and there are a few cliff tops that are flat. This makes them not only perfect to cover up coastal area’s or use as ground cover, but they can easily be used to make your own sim-surround. For those who are in the homestead rental business, I can only imagine these puppies are a welcome new addition to create parcel borders.

I can not say much yet about the final land impact but so far it looks like this release will be a winner in that department too.

The textures are amazing. I often say that about textures but let’s be honest. In the wonderful world that is SL, textures are extremely important. Sadly there are still tons of new releases coming out with overstretched and generally badly made textures. But I digress.

Textures. They are bloody awesome. They hold up under the harshest light I could throw at them. I am very chuffed with the coloring as well.

Any and all other information and news on when and where they will be released, please check out Alex Bader’s Flickr page.  If you wish to see the prototypes in all their glory in-world hop over to Neist Point.


New Beginnings

New Beginnings

How strikingly a title. Not only am I beginning a new sim, but I am also beginning a new blog. So first things first;

The new sim; urban post-apocalyptic has become my signature style I think. Building those sims comes natural and sooner or later I will build one again and happily share it with the world.  For now, I am happy to build a somewhat different style sim.

It probably will be open only for a few days at the time. I am trying to hone my building and landscaping skills and I do not want to feel like I am intruding on my own sim. As the saying goes; I will play it by ear. Those in dire need of a place to shoot pictures and they feel they just have to do it at Zero, hit me up and most likely I will add you to the land so you can come over. If you lucky, I’ll throw in the landmark as well.

Or I might follow the new trend and set up a group with a group fee. We will see.

As for the other new beginning, this blog, the reason I started again is rather simple. I always enjoyed my ramblings and have a place to do so. Flickr is great for sharing pictures but I love to have a place where I can ramble and muse about stuff.

I think I might also share some of my adventures in-world, a few of my thoughts about this, that and other things and what more. To repeat myself: I’ll play it by ear.

Either way, welcome and enjoy.