Of Sneakers and Panties


Nutmeg and RKKN have rapidly earned a place amongst the best designers on the grid. Now before I delve into that, and before you think I am totally biased, pull up a chair and allow me to explain as to why I think so.

When I first started to get interested in decorating I spent a LOT of money buying crap. I had no idea of the differences in quality. Over the years I have become very critical when it comes to decorating items and where I buy my items. For those wondering, yes I buy almost everything myself.

As for clothes, when I started it was even worse. Mesh was brand new and the products were… well new too. I vividly remember seeing a shirt and coat combo on a blog and I loved that style so much. I bought both, put it on, only to discover that in the back the shirt broke through the coat and that there was no way to fix that. I also remember how bloody angry I was.  I learned a valuable lesson that instant and from there on out, I became critical, perhaps even overly critical.

I spend tons of time standing in stores, inspecting designs, scrutinizing textures and bakes and shadows and fuck knows what else. Some designers must have thought I was just another homeless bum, whiling away time. I was not, I was learning and I still am.

My SL is usually on minimal settings, midday light and trust me, it’s not flattering. Everything I see has to be good in those low settings. I flat out refuse to fiddle with LOD settings, windlights or what more. I don’t care if its decor, skins, or clothes if it doesn’t look good on low settings I will not touch it.

Does this make me an expert? I have no idea if it does. I know what I like and what I don’t like as many of you do. Spending most of my time in SL building sims and decorating and the rest of my time comparing products and trying to find new ones, I think I might have gained a wee bit of insight.

Expert or not, I am exceptionally critical and should a new resident of SL find their way to my blog, they will find no bad decor items or broken mesh clothes or skins that look like you just escaped from a science experiment.

Now with this said: “Nutmeg and RKKN have rapidly earned a place amongst the best designers on the grid.”

Based on the above, based on my experience, I dare say that. I dare say they are amongst the best designers. The products might not be your style, but the quality is among the best you will find in SL.


Nutmeg – Old Wooden Boat

RKKN – Remi’s outfit and RKKN – Annan’s Sweatpants & Panties


Of Adele and Friends


As per usual when it comes to releases from Dutchie, I am at a loss for words. Oh, I can write 2 pages about the details alone. The props, the custom-made poses, the beautiful textures and the astounding attention to detail. Then there is the authenticity and the melancholy it brings out in me and that my dear stalkers, we are going to talk about in a bit.

I can almost sense your bewilderment, looking at this picture and asking yourself what all the hoopla is about as you hardly see anything. Well yes, remember, I am the bad blogger. But trust me, the Vintage Cafe Bar is bloody brilliant.

I will ask you very kindly to take a minute and press the link and visit her store, so you can not only see the Vintage Cafe Bar in all it’s glory but you can also try it out. Your Taxi to the Dutchie store.

Authenticity is hard to get right. There are these tiny, minuscule details you have to get just right. Froukje is hitting the nail on the head, time and time again. Her whole store is one big ode to a time period in the Dutch culture that yours truly happens to love.

Melancholy is part of missing the country I was born and raised in and when I was a snot-faced kid, my mom and her sisters would often watch a show called ‘ t Schaep met de 5 pooten’ . One of the stars was Adele Bloemendaal. And that brings me to the epic heads that are now available at the Lootbox gacha event. They do not look anything like the characters in that show but somehow, in their glorious imperfection, they do.

I was absolutely dreading that event as I saw myself go broke trying to get the heads I so much wanted. So when I logged on tonight with a vague idea for a picture with aforementioned bar, I was speechless when a dear and close friend surprised me with the heads I wanted most of all. If that was not enough, he proceeded to gift me the dress you see me wearing and I am still at a loss for words. For now, yet another heartfelt thank you is hopefully enough.

The heads released by Hotdog are stunning in their imperfections and a much needed addition to the way to perfect mesh heads out there. They are bloody brilliant. I am in love. When I was done styling and squealing, yes, get over yourself, I squeal, I found myself behind my beloved bar, music playing loudly and me happily singing the songs of times gone by, and the rest my dear stalkers, is, as they say, history.

So this one is for Adele and for good friends.


Of Languages and Tongues

tongue portrait

First things first; A mini-rant;

One of the things I love most about blogging is that you have an obligation to do the best work you can with the product the designer releases. Now that sounds simple and in many ways it is. Rezz, fiddle with angle and windlight and presto you have a picture. That is the bare minimum of the ‘job’.

Like many others, I have always taken a slightly different approach. I try to go where the item takes me. I see it as a challenge to make the best work I can without compromising the fun, the originality or the artistic side of this all.

Many feel that bloggers compromise the artistic value of a picture but let’s get a grip on this, shall we? If all of us making pics in SL, were such savants, we wouldn’t be in SL now, would we? We would be lauded with expositions, have busy photography schedules and clients to woo in first life. This is a blanket statement and there are obviously exceptions. So all of you who have your precious clubs on Flickr and curators of collections in SL, get over yourself, just as much as you high and mighty bloggers should get over yourself. Most of you are not so good really, but you churn out pictures like clockwork, and most of the time, you have not changed style the last 2 years, and have an audience so the designers love you.

Now with that out of the way:

tongue laying

Cinphul made a chair, which comes with beautiful RK-poses. This chair is a hate-it or love-it situation I think. You either are absolutely in love with the shape or it’s not your thing. For those who like to have a sculpture of a giant tongue, there is a 5-meter statue version of it in your package as well. And only 5 land impact.

As I have said many times before, I am a bad blogger and this picture is no exception. When I saw the chair at first the top picture is what immediately popped into my head. That’s another thing I love about SL and blogging. There are all these amazing items and you get to use them how you see fit. Not perse how the designer intended it.

Working on my long-tongued lady, I couldn’t help thinking about the chair some more and another picture was born. Whatever you think of my pictures, do yourself a favor and hop over and check it out, if only to shake your head wearily or to admire how it’s made or just so you can say, you sat on a tongue.


Of Butterflies and Duct Tape


Amongst my favorite designers are Azoury and [CerberusXing]. Their products never fail to impress, never fail to stand out and the ones I used in this picture are no different.

The Endless butterfly from Azoury is an amazing wonderful release. The little bug, literally, is perfectly made and I had my eye on it for a while. Today I popped over and grabbed it.

The Sticky Bits from [CerberusXing] is just epic. A duct tape top and panties. Absolutely brilliant. To top it off, I grabbed a pose from Ana Poses from her Nairobi series and voila, a picture is born. I edited the pose just a little bit, as I wanted both hands facing upward. Just an FYI.

In my last post I whined a bit about being bored and trust me I have kicked myself in the butt for that one. Being bored in SL? Really? So I decided to go back to my basics, finding stuff that I love and that inspires me.

It can be a pose, especially nowadays poses are amazingly versatile and well made and express a huge variety of moods, vibes and what more. It can be an item of clothing or a decor item or whatever. This morning standing around on my half build sim (updates coming one of these days) I remembered both the butterfly and the top and the idea was born.

Is it a good idea? A good picture? Who cares. I had tremendous fun making it, and writing this post. As I am writing I’m seriously wondering how it is, I usually end up wearing pants and some shirt instead of running around covered in butterflies and clothing that is not ‘pants and jeans’. Probably sheer laziness. Oh well.

Please do yourself a favor and take a moment to visit these creators. It is worth it. Even though all three have vastly different styles and products they have one thing in common. Quality.


Of Deep and Deeper


Lately, I am frustrated as f*ck with SL. I can’t get my sim-build going as I am still struggling with too many, often clashing, ideas and total lack of the builds and pieces I would need for it, pictures that do not come out as I intend them too, and last but not least my avatar looked like an anorexic barely legal rather ugly duckling.

Now the latter is cured. I actually have curves now and though my avatar is still very much a work in progress and I intend to draw this out as long as I can. It is great fun to make shapes that are so not anatomically correct and faces that are perhaps not to everyone’s liking. I am having genuine fun.

I also had fun making this picture. Those who see me wandering around in the wild might not believe me but I love to dress up. Alas, truth to be told, most of the time I simply can’t be arsed because I am busy admiring beautiful textures and shapes or I am building.

Since I am not building I had ample time to dress up. Since a few weeks, I had my eyes on the magnificent mermaid stuff from ~Cynefin~.,  and with the merfolk bustier from Cinphul, one and one became two.

I had some other niceties laying around and I piled them on. Yeah I know less is more but I love breaking rules. And what is more, I simply had fun. It also made me realize that I don’t want to look the same every day in SL. My ugly duckling will always be a go-to avatar because she works well in a picture, fits in every piece of clothing and most important she keeps away all those in desperate need of a pixel humping. Which in all honesty was my main objective when I made her.

But now the doll/ugly duckling/eyepopping- avatars have taken the grid by storm, thanks to the amazing hud LeLutka released and the release of the Genus head so it is high time to find another niche. Tata’s galore I think, without the T-rex arms and ‘throw a saddle on it-arses’. But with eyes popping.

Ok enough rambles, I have an avatar and a sim to build and you have some shopping to do.


Of Grand Piano’s and choices..


..or the lack there of that is, but let’s start with the beginning shall we?

Nutmegs latest release is once more a feast for the eyes. Now bear with me, since you come all this way, you might as well stay the course.

A feast for the eyes because once more the textures are stunning. Yeah yeah, I know. I am repeating myself. And I do so without apologies as the texturing of this latest release is just one reason to get it.

Now you all know I am a texture nut but my madness doesn’t stop there. I am also an absolute lover of black & white photography and lately, of greenish- and gold tones. So when I was working the shots I took, I ended up with 2 completely different styles which I both love.

The black & white one is an almost raw shot, but it doesn’t do justice, to the textures and so I took some close ups too. This one obviously not in black & white. I usually decide on one or the other but this time I could not choose. Nor could a friend when I showed them so here we are. One Grand Piano, two pictures.


Now if you are not a fan of piano’s, then still do yourself a favor and check out the rest of the set. There is a stool, which comes in two varieties in one buy. Then there are the music sheets and the metronome. It is well worth a few minutes of your time, to hop over to Shiny Shabby and check it out.


Of Hair and Paintings (part II)


Where to start? How about with the ‘to be continued’ part from my last post? It was late and I was really tired as I was about to explain how and why my being in-world has been somewhat haphazard.

I hear you ask what has a painting or paintings to do with that? A whole lot as I find myself daily kneedeep in oil paint, carpet with oil paint stains and clothes that are ruined for life since you can only remove oil paint with turpentine and that doesn’t work well with most clothes. Occasionally some of the aforementioned oil paint actually reaches the canvas and even stays there. In short, I am painting.

That leaves less time for SL which suits me fine for the time being. I have a ton of fun with trying out things building-wise and I thoroughly enjoy making the odd picture and ramble on here a bit about this, that and what more.

Now with the painting stuff out of the way, let’s talk a bit about this picture? Perhaps? Although once more I fear it will be rather dull. Dull because you know .Shi and you know the hair is good. The textures, the colors etc, it just is good. The latest release – ARTICULATE Hair, available at TMD – is no exception. Its sleek, it’s minimalistic and another beautiful release from .Shi.

Personally, I am very proud that you can actually see the hair in this picture.

What you can also see in this picture is the release from Cinphul for the last round ever of Kurenai. Kurenai runs till August 31st where you can grab up this release – diode– and play the minigame to win rather epic wires that go on your forehead. They are not shown (lol) in this picture, because I obviously didn’t play the minigame. Maybe I should as I think one day I will bloody regret not having them. They are sort of right up my alley.

About the other hair accessories – sticks and cables – are simply beautiful. They are textured to perfection and I have tried and somewhat succeeded even I think, to really show that. However, it would take a close-up to truly make you appreciate them in full. Guess what? I didn’t make a close-up. I have to stay true to my calling, that of being a bad blogger.

In other news: The sim is blissfully empty and most the time I am online I am standing in the water, simply enjoying the emptiness. Besides my preoccupation with painting at the moment I am slowly but surely sifting through the plethora of ideas for a new build. A few times I was pretty close to opening the sim for a bit, but it was just not ‘it’.

And that is it for me in SL. Things have to be just ‘it’. Both releases shown this picture are, for me at least, just that. It.



Of Romanov’s and paintings


For those who undertook the journey and landed here, thank you for your time and effort. I can easily see how people would think ‘oh dearie me, there she goes again, another Nutmeg release, another puff piece’.

It’s hard to ignore things that are not only beautifully made and textured, but things that appear at a moment in time that is very opportune, namely me reading about the exact time in history the release is referring to.   For the record; Reading is understated. Devouring everything I can get my grubby hands on, is a better description.

The books I am devouring are not so much about the people, but about how they lived. Both the poor and the rich. I have to be honest, the naked opulence and splendor of that time, if you had the money and status, is unparalleled. The richness of the textures, the fabrics, the colors, the unbridled grandness I can’t wait to one day see the remains of it with my own eyes.

And there it was, the lastest Nutmeg release – Romanov’s Garden Set  – in all its splendor.

There was another surprise in it; a tray that can be stacked with wonderful little things. I have often wished for a decent tray in SL. Yes, yes I know they are out there, but not the ones that I wished for. Now that wish has come true. Of course, you can hardly see it. I have to stay true to myself and crop the picture in a way that makes the object I wish to ramble about the most, almost disappear.

You know the drill. Feast your eyes here or hop over to Shiny Shabby to admire it in the flesh.


PS; the title, Of Romanov’s and Paintings; The painting part is to be continued. It’s bedtime, after a rather ‘opulent’ day.

Of Clashing Colors


Lately, I have a penchant for red, especially when it clashes magnificently with other colors. I think that .Shi has one of the better ‘reds’ on the grid. It’s so vibrant and deep, that you can almost dip your brush in it and paint in real life. Ok bear with me, it’s late, I am getting quite poetic. Or as some might argue, spewing utter nonsense.

But… The reds from .Shi are exceptional. The new hair what brought this on is, as per tradition, hardly visible after I was done with the picture so I invite you to hop on over to Joy’s Flickr for a much better look and more information. I am in love with the little tail. It’s deliciously obstinate and quirky. This time I’m not going to bore you to death with textures and originality of design. I did that last time and those who know .Shi are familiar with this, who do not know .Shi, should, even if the hair is not your style, go and take a look anyway.

The Dutch word for ‘obstinate’ is ‘eigenwijs’ and this brings me to the cards you hardly see in the picture. As always I love to talk about stuff that is barely, or even better, not at all visible in my pics.

Dutchie never fails to tug at my heartstrings with releases, as they almost always have a distinct Dutch look and feel. Meticulously researched and made, Froukje Hoorenbeek’s releases make me long for Holland.

Dutchie has released a few smaller decor items the last few weeks, the latest this game of solitaire. If you actually want to see it in all it’s glory and more information, click here.

Short and to the point this time, as I said is it late, it is warm so I will leave you here. You have your missions, should you choose to accept them!