Of Tidy and Messes

As per usual I was captivated by one single item out of a release that consists of nothing but treasure. This particular item jumped out at me and that was as they say that. This is the short version so if you are in a hurry, click HERE to see the full release from Nutmeg for this round of Shiny Shabby. All others, yes you, my beloved stalkers, buckle up:

What struck me first and foremost is the detail in the texture. I have a thing for metal textures. They are, I think, one of the hardest to get right.

I am sure builders/designers will happily argue this, but as a blacksmith, I had the opportunity to see a LOT of metal textures up close and personal, and make a bit of money by selling the original photographs I took of those metals to someone (who shall remain anonymous) in SL, who converted them to textures. This was quite some years ago, so I doubt those textures will have stood the test of time, since we are way, way past simple, tile them till you can tile no more, texturing.

So after I dragged my camera away from ultra zoom, away from my, by now beloved, mirror, I studied all the objects in this release. And I found so many more details. Details worth of their own spotlight. I realize I am one of few who actually gives a blue flying fuck about those details. But since you came this far, I ask you to hang on a bit longer and ride this one out.

SL’s sceneries are so rich and detailed not because people pack the tiniest amount of space chockablock full of stuff. It looks as it does because of the details in the items. And the more detailed an item is, the richer, and often more realistic, that item is. Not only that, but it also gives depth. In case of vintage/old style items, they are given a history by every single detail in the texture. Now you might think that this stay at home shite has gotten to me. No. I have always been a sucker for textures and when I am not agonizing over the next build or hunting skins, I study textures.

Vintage effects or effects that indicate wear and tear are far past the stage of a few scratches or some dirt. It has become an art in my not so humble opinion to give an object a vintage look. An art that Nutmeg is perfecting.

Here you see the detail I am talking about.

clock close up

Here is the complete object.

clock Nutmeg

So rich in detail. These are raw shots, only cropped. Just a FYI.

I could post many more, as I took a lot of pictures and even tried a collage of items but that didn’t quite work as I had imagined it and let’s be honest, nothing can stand up to you going over to Nutmeg Mainstore yourself and zoom in and take a wee bit of time to see all these fantastic details for yourself.

Apart from the top notch textures, this release is perfect regarding LOD and LI. If you wanted that clutter for your bathroom or washroom, this is your chance.

So my dearies, thank you for riding this one out with me and thank you for your time. Stay safe and sane and all that, until next time.




Of Teasing and Such

As per usual I have epically failed in my attempt to show off the item this picture was supposed to be about. Vanity and post-processing frenzy took over once again and well the result you see above.

But… This time I do have a semi-excuse. Put yer stumpers up and settle in;

Seven Emporium has released these magnificent speakers, and a few other items, which are really not in the picture! As per usual, anything released by Agustkov is superbly textured and made. But you can’t see that in this shot… So why are you reading this?

Well, you are probably bored senseless for starters, a true stalker, or curious. Or all three? And be glad you did, because I have a bit of more drooling to do. I promise it won’t be about textures. No, my dearies, it is about something completely different.

This set comes packing a punch when it comes to…, drumroll goes here, poses. I hear you rolling your eyes, yes, I can hear that ok so stop doing it and listen up. Poses. Not just poses. Not crappy calibrated, set up, or whatever the proper technical term is, but bloody awesome, original poses that just are a delight to play with. And I did. Oh, I did.

The singles are awesome and don’t forget to hit the swap button or you will miss out. Then we come to the cuddles, 24 in all. TWENTY-FOUR!! If you happen to have bought the adult version, obviously this set comes in PG and adult, you get another 54 poses to play with. FIFTY-FOUR.

So yes, yours truly became completely distracted.

I promised I would not drone on about textures and all that and I won’t. However, do yourself a favor, hop on over to TMD to give these baby’s a thorough look over, and even try them out. Make sure you check out Agustkovs’ Flickr for all the details and the other items of this release.

I’m so excited about this release, and the poses that should you be in need of a ‘let’s-test-the-poses-partner’, I volunteer. Just hit me up in-world. Otherwise, toddle off and go drool over these speakers.


Of Sundays and Mornings

As per usual it was quite a challenge for me to make this picture. Make no mistake, nothing is more simple then to rez an object, shoot it, and post-process the photo to show the object of in the best possible way. Or no post-processing at all if you prefer that. One could argue that most of my post-processing is over the top, but I digress.

The challenge was not so much in shooting the best possible angle, light, etc to showcase the object but the real challenge was to capture the mood. This chair, the whole release from Nutmeg, Dreamy Pastels available at Shiny Shabby, brought to mind wide-open spaces, with natural colors, comfy chairs, and sofa’s and not unneeded clutter. Airy and light.

I love making darker pictures, both in color and in black&white. But sometimes I perse want to make a light picture and perhaps I should not be so stubborn. Perhaps I should stay in my lane and do what I am really good at, but you know what? Life gets extremely dull if we only do what we are really good at and I never was good at ‘staying in my lane’. I prefer to ignore the lanes, especially when it comes to creativity and trying to relay a mood, a vibe.

But have no fear, darker-toned pictures are coming soon enough my dear stalkers and 3.5 readers, just keep your eyes peeled. But with all the craziness going on in this world at this point in time, I figured air and light are not a bad thing. But once more I digress.

I also wanted to perse use the poses that come with the furniture. Textures and quality are a given from this designer and more often then not we pick our decor items for that reason alone. Looks. But… This wee baby packs a punch.

The pose you see in the picture is not edited nor adjusted. And I can tell you there are many more poses that are just as good. I can also tell you that the adult poses are absolutely spot on. On a personal note, I do so enjoy bento in poses and seeing a hand and fingers actually curl around certain bodyparts when and if warranted instead of seeing these static hands. And these poses have it all. So if you are considering new furniture, do yourself a favor and check out Nutmeg because most of their furniture is jampacked with great poses.

I am also wearing a dress, and true to form, you can hardly see it. However, it is a new Mainstore release from RKKN.

All items are, in my not so humble opinion, very much worth a test drive. Clickety click on the links and off you go. Well look at me, a proper blog post again, I should seriously work on that or I run the risk of becoming boring. Stay safe and sane.



Of Brunch and New Year

163 a

On the last day of 2019, a bit of confusion by having a different picture on the good ol’ blog then the one that features on Flickr. Consider it, for my 3 faithful spinach junkies, a last-ditch attempt to be actually funny in 2019 or something like that.

More confusion probably, because if you look at the upcoming release for nutmeg, you might think it will be an LI explosion. Allow me to set you straight. It is not. The Farmhouse Brunch Tray and The Brunch Bread Tray are ONLY 3 LI each and the eggs come in at 2 LI. Now, this might mean nothing to you but it means a lot to me considering I am always struggling with my allotted land-impact allowance.

If you consider the intricacy of the items, I for one am rather impressed with how low the land-impact is. Needless to say, the texturing, structure and LoD are insanely good.

Food in SL is a thing. Personally, I am very happy this is not brightly colored, barbie doll-like food but is very realistic. Please don’t misunderstand me, I have tons of happy brightly colored tarts, cookies, soups, and candy in my inventory. It is nice to have options and to go for more realistic looking items as well and this set, which has many more items, offers just that. 

Nutmeg – Farmhouse Brunch will be available on January 5th, 2020, @ The Food Court. Information about the event you can find here on The Food Court website.

After all this, there is not much more left to say, other than to wish you all a happy, healthy and inspired 2020!


Of Baubles and Eve’s

It is a known secret that I am a fan of Nutmeg. The end. Or perhaps I should add; epic release at the Epiphany come December 15th blabla, etc, etc, go get your stuff.

Bon voyage, bonne chance with getting the rares and have a blast.

If it were that easy because in my not so humble opinion Nutmeg is presenting a set that is yet again another triumph. It’s not just a table, chair, lamp, and seasonal clutter. No, me dearies, it is very much not. Although the aforementioned items make up the release, they are of such quality that they warrant the hassle of trying to get them.

My personal favorites are the ornaments. ‘Tis the season and all that but they are of such quality and so rich in textures, that it almost is a must-have. Of course all this in the eye of the beholder. If this style isn’t you, then well, it isn’t for you. But if this style is you, then these are the best ornaments you will find on the grid. LOD check. Textures check, LI check. Check, check check.

Vibe, style, feel or however you wish to call it. Check.

I could go on, but I won’t. It’s useless because well you better just check it for yourself.

Happy checking and happy holiday to you yours.

Of an Open House

You are cordially invited to attend my Open House, a shameless ‘showing off’ of my Second Life Home.

First things first, the Windlight or absence thereof;

Since FS has not yet fixed the ongoing issues with EEP and the choice of multiple viewers these days, the Windlight Settings are DYI. I strongly suggest a greyish, misty one but obviously, you can do as you please.

With that said, feel free to visit but please keep in mind this build was meant to be my home and is my home. It is not a huge build with snaking alleys or towering builds, far from it. But it has grass!!

It has no ‘theme’. The inspiration for this sim was to create a place that felt good. Nature, water (always water, must have water), and to have a place that is far away from everything. I love abandoned places. Not perse of the haunted or half-destroyed kind but also those builds that are empty, dusty, and you wonder why. What made the people leave?

Themes don’t work for me I guess. I just rezz and use stuff I really really like and try to make it all work together. That is my theme. My favorite things. There you have it, I have now an official theme! My Favorite Things. Though you are hard-pressed to find Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels, you might stumble on wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings.

The sim will only be open to the public for a very short time, visit while you can. As always, play nice, and enjoy your visit and thank you for coming over!




Of Points of View


Believe it or not, this picture was not about capturing the grass, which by the way I am mightly pleased I finally managed for a change, it was not about my left foot or even the jeans, tho as you can imagine if you know me just a little bit, are one of my all-time favorites, no, this picture was supposed to be about the house.

Well, the house IS truly marvelous, and my current favorite, but since you can hardly see it, I will save that for a later day.

When I am building, I often stumble upon angles, possible shots, near-perfect views, etc. Often I just continue building because once those building juices flow, I like to just go with it instead of pursuing other things. Last night I was done for the day and found myself trying out poses a dear friend gave me. And low and behold a picture was taken. In that picture, one could not only see the house, the stunning view of the water, a few trees and the aforementioned grass.

Then came the part of the process where most pictures go to die, the post-processing. The view so stunning in-world fell flat. Now there are numerous of tricks to give it depth and all that, but I am trying to shoot a picture that doesn’t need many tricks. One trick in the book was left. Cropping.

And here we are, the thrilling tale of this picture has been told, I am sure the story will be told many many years as it’s no doubt the most thrilling one you ever read. Or perhaps not, but that is how things go, not everything has an exciting story, some things just are the somewhat boring day to day adventures.

The grass is of course from Skye, Wild Grass Collection, and the jeans are from RKKN, “Nicole”, available at RKKN Mainstore.

The jeans, I have to mention them, are, for me, just perfection. I am so done with the paint-on jeans and these truly are a breath of fresh air combined with the stunning textures count on it that I will be wearing these for a long, long, long time to come. The belt that goes with it is also a much-needed accessory. At this point I feel that anything else I will tell you about ‘m will make you think ‘yeah yeah whatever’, so I will shut up and leave you to go check them out for yourself.


Of Harvesting and Lazing


For those in a hurry, Nutmeg, Zerkalo (barely visible but I am as always true to form), Apple Fall, Anc, Maitreya, Monso, RKKN. Thnxbai enjoy.

For those with a bit more time, here we go.

Once more I am having a blast building. I have no idea if this build will make it, but after receiving several threats, ranging from exasperating sighs to full-blown ‘do-it’ or else, we will see, shall we?

What I do know is that I am in ” an autumn-state-of-mind’. Considering the temperature here is around 37 degrees Celsius or for the Americans, around 95 Fahrenheit, one can maybe imagine that I do long so bad for cool, crisp autumn weather. But just like unicorns, that won’t be happening anytime soon here. So I decided to quench my desires for autumn in SL. Why not heh?

On top of that, I am trying, emphasis on trying to build a sim once more totally based on what I like. Meaning I get lost for hours in my inventory, because trees are still hiding behind socks, pants are neatly folded behind teakettles and in between mesh body parts poke out in rather disturbing ways. It makes building a rather lengthy, though interesting affair. One day I will try to organize my inventory again. I used to do that while listening to music in a club, but my laptop is so outdated that I’m afraid it will blow if I do anything when out and about other then frantically derendering everything and everybody. You might wonder what this all has to do with the above picture? Allow me…

Zerkalo and Nutmeg both have new releases out at Kustom9, opening tomorrow but you can cam shop, which yours truly always loves. Both releases are stunning and were the inspiration for the above picture. Not only that, as the other items in the picture also are simply stunning and have been gathering dust in my inventory for far too long. I mean, that Apple Fall Outdoor Fireplace is just freaking awesome! As is the assortment of fruit, scattered around, piled high in a beautiful bowl or my favorite, stored in a cup.

A pile of blankets is a must-have in autumn as well as a comfy bench. An old sled easily doubles as a table while a stool is the perfect side-table to hold my coffee and book. All set in a garden that has grown slightly wild over the summer.

Throw this all in the mix, together with comfy slipper shoes, a just-not-too-warm-sweater and some old jeans shorts make me a very happy bunch of pixels indeed.

I won’t bore you to tears with how good it all is, I will, however, make a list for your convenience so you can take a look at all these goodies for yourself.

Nutmeg Main Store   – Fruits, sled, cups, stool

Zerkalo (link to Kustom9) – blankets

Apple Fall Main Store – Fireplace

{Anc} – (link to Kustom9) Bushes

RKKN – Shorts, slipper shoes, sweater, suspenders

Maitreya – Dahlia socks

MONSO – Hair

You have your itinerary, off you go!


Note: the management is not responsible for going the wrong way; hands and feet should be kept close to the body at all times. 

Of A House on a Hill


Never Totally Dead creates decor and houses that grace, or have graced, many beautiful sims. Meticulous design, paired with unique textures create a look and feel that is just gorgeous.

“Le Boudoir”, their latest release, available at Cosmopolitan is yet another build that ticks all the aforementioned boxes. I am in love with it and my interpretation of mood and vibe is just one of many possibilities this build offers.

Autumn is my favorite season and after most leaves have fallen or are blown away there is this brief period of bare trees and bushes before King Winter comes knocking. I choose to skip the riot of autumn colors and go straight to bare branches because the colors of the house are absolutely spectacular.

The house comes with a hud that allows you to change the texture on the walls on the inside or you can use your own as the house is copy/mod.

Do yourself and your favorite shopping outfit a favor and hop over to see this build in-world. As per usual my pictures don’t do the subject justice, but while I have your attention; When you visit Never Totally Dead you can see all their houses in all their glory. So, enough drooling.  Go shop.