Of Looks and Looking


The new Lelutka heads are, in my not so humble opinion, the best heads ever. Fleur is an absolute hit and those lips are simply devine! Ryn and Raven… well where to start? With the downsides perhaps for a change.

Lelutka does not allow to go batshit crazy with your head. The sliders are throttled, or however you call it, and that makes that you have to very creative and daring to create the face you want. I went ahead and bought a shape as I always end up looking the same and I am trying very hard not to tweak it too much, as I am still getting used to this new-ish me.

With that said there are only positives. The quality is exceptional and the jawlines of both Ryn and Raven are screaming to create more pronounced looks. The chins are less pointy which for me is a breath of fresh air. In short I am in love. Let it be known I am not affiliated or sponsored by Lelutka but I am a huge fan.

Anyway, fiddling around the other day with Raven and my new bought shape (by Steffi Ghost) I could not resist and took a picture. Then I could not resist to go black/white with it. The result my dear stalkers is what you see. For the die-hards, here’s the original, I only resized it. Once I was done with my black/white adjustments, the concrete was a bother so I erased it.

Snapshot_005 resize and crop

Since my arms are still a bother, another short scribble but I just had to pen this down. And so I did.


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