Of Tidy and Messes

As per usual I was captivated by one single item out of a release that consists of nothing but treasure. This particular item jumped out at me and that was as they say that. This is the short version so if you are in a hurry, click HERE to see the full release from Nutmeg for this round of Shiny Shabby. All others, yes you, my beloved stalkers, buckle up:

What struck me first and foremost is the detail in the texture. I have a thing for metal textures. They are, I think, one of the hardest to get right.

I am sure builders/designers will happily argue this, but as a blacksmith, I had the opportunity to see a LOT of metal textures up close and personal, and make a bit of money by selling the original photographs I took of those metals to someone (who shall remain anonymous) in SL, who converted them to textures. This was quite some years ago, so I doubt those textures will have stood the test of time, since we are way, way past simple, tile them till you can tile no more, texturing.

So after I dragged my camera away from ultra zoom, away from my, by now beloved, mirror, I studied all the objects in this release. And I found so many more details. Details worth of their own spotlight. I realize I am one of few who actually gives a blue flying fuck about those details. But since you came this far, I ask you to hang on a bit longer and ride this one out.

SL’s sceneries are so rich and detailed not because people pack the tiniest amount of space chockablock full of stuff. It looks as it does because of the details in the items. And the more detailed an item is, the richer, and often more realistic, that item is. Not only that, but it also gives depth. In case of vintage/old style items, they are given a history by every single detail in the texture. Now you might think that this stay at home shite has gotten to me. No. I have always been a sucker for textures and when I am not agonizing over the next build or hunting skins, I study textures.

Vintage effects or effects that indicate wear and tear are far past the stage of a few scratches or some dirt. It has become an art in my not so humble opinion to give an object a vintage look. An art that Nutmeg is perfecting.

Here you see the detail I am talking about.

clock close up

Here is the complete object.

clock Nutmeg

So rich in detail. These are raw shots, only cropped. Just a FYI.

I could post many more, as I took a lot of pictures and even tried a collage of items but that didn’t quite work as I had imagined it and let’s be honest, nothing can stand up to you going over to Nutmeg Mainstore yourself and zoom in and take a wee bit of time to see all these fantastic details for yourself.

Apart from the top notch textures, this release is perfect regarding LOD and LI. If you wanted that clutter for your bathroom or washroom, this is your chance.

So my dearies, thank you for riding this one out with me and thank you for your time. Stay safe and sane and all that, until next time.




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