Of Cyber and Such

Some of you, out of all you 3.5 readers, probably think I have gone off the deep end with the style of pictures I post lately. Perhaps you are right. As always, like and don’t like, are in the eye of the beholder.

It took me over 6 hours to bring this whole show to completion, from gobbling together the look to posting the picture and the ramblings. Why 6 hours you might ask? Allow me to enlighten you: I have a f*&cking puppy who loves to chew on everything. If we let him do his thing, he might end up eating the whole apartment. But today His Royal Pestiness decided on a shoe, a cap and for dessert, a few inches of the doorpost.

Of course, then the smoke alarm decided to start screaming because the battery needed replacing. Why can’t they have, with all the technology these days, make an app for that? Or a gentle voice saying ‘It is time to replace the batteries’, instead of the same bloody noise as if the joint is on fire. I truly dislike that sound and my other dog, the poor soul, positively fears it and promptly peed all over the house. She is a good girl usually and this was stress/fear pure. So yeah.. six hours from start to finish. Oh and this little thing called dinner. That was in there somewhere too. I think.


So here I was, trying to build this look because there have been such awesome releases when it comes to CyberPunk, Scifi, Steampunk, etc, and they are all gathering dust in my inventory.  Often these endeavors end up in the bin but I liked this one so it escaped being trashed and instead is now saved for posterity.

It took another visit to Fair Around the World to pick up the Cyber Geisha makeup from LuLuB!. As per usual it’s barely visible in this picture so click here to go to the creators Flickr for a much better view.

Other odds and ends are from Azoury (Robotic Brain), Seven Prodigy (tattoo), [Contraption] (arms) and Ghoul (arms) and Cubic Cherry (ears). The backdrop is from Paleto and thoroughly abused and ripped apart by yours truly.

See, I am a good blogger I ramble of lists. I am also tired as can be, so if this all doesn’t make sense, chalk it up to that. With that said, goodnight and please stay safe and healthy!


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