Of This and That

The upside of being away from SL for a short while is that when you come back, there are so many new things and a brand new Flickr riot!

It seems Flickr is doubling down on their rule that you can not promote commercial activities on a free account. From a business point of view that makes sense to me and I for one will not go around finding creators or bloggers on other media. The simple solution is to not put links up but simply tell people where to get the goodies. Personally, I don’t see the drama since I believe we will see that more and more platforms will double down on this.

The logical solution would be that someone starts up all the SL-feeds again. Honestly, I have no clue if they are still around. We will wait with bated breath and until then, Flickr -with-no-links.

Since I love to confuse the fuck out of you all, I figured I would once more use a different featured image on the old blog.

And with good reason. Or at least I think it’s a good reason, as one of the new things I found was this skin from Clef de Peau. Full disclosure; Since my first ramblings about this creator, I have indeed become part of the blogger team and proud to be. Proud because I honestly think Clef de Peau is among the very few skin-designers who deliver a constant quality. Skins for me are about quality but also about tones. Some skins are too orange-hued or have a distinct reddish glow. Clef de Peau has, for me, hit the mark on toning.

This release, Mia, for Lelutka Power Pack Feb. 2020 is geared for the new Lelutka heads, Lelutka Evolution. I am sporting the Toast tone but it comes in all tones. I am very eager to show off the Pearl as well since I am a huge fan of pale skins. Check out Marco’s Flickr for more information and completely different styling.

As for the picture I put up on Flickr, I am wearing the new RKKN release, Mae available at Kustom9. Another ‘Jeans-Slam-Dunk’ from RKKN I think. The sweater is going to go a long way as I can easily see it paired with shorts during those summer evenings on the beach or a bit of shopping.

Last but not least, I want to draw your attention to the pose. It’s from Del May and they have a bunch of new poses out at their Mainstore.

Well, I have to go so I will leave you here, a proper blog-post and I don’t want to spoil it by rambling on ^^.


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