Of Baubles and Eve’s

It is a known secret that I am a fan of Nutmeg. The end. Or perhaps I should add; epic release at the Epiphany come December 15th blabla, etc, etc, go get your stuff.

Bon voyage, bonne chance with getting the rares and have a blast.

If it were that easy because in my not so humble opinion Nutmeg is presenting a set that is yet again another triumph. It’s not just a table, chair, lamp, and seasonal clutter. No, me dearies, it is very much not. Although the aforementioned items make up the release, they are of such quality that they warrant the hassle of trying to get them.

My personal favorites are the ornaments. ‘Tis the season and all that but they are of such quality and so rich in textures, that it almost is a must-have. Of course all this in the eye of the beholder. If this style isn’t you, then well, it isn’t for you. But if this style is you, then these are the best ornaments you will find on the grid. LOD check. Textures check, LI check. Check, check check.

Vibe, style, feel or however you wish to call it. Check.

I could go on, but I won’t. It’s useless because well you better just check it for yourself.

Happy checking and happy holiday to you yours.

3 thoughts on “Of Baubles and Eve’s

  1. Oh I tell you… it was YOU who infected my SL with the need for nutmeg… stuffs… and I love it! Thank you, my friend… and now I shall need these items too, or as many as the gacha gods will see fit to bless me with 😉

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