Of Procrastinating and BoM

Grass planting is a f*cking bore. All of you, yes, you three, who will grace my home with a visit when I hold my ‘open house’, better be on your best behavior and praise each bloody grass patch individually.

I find it so utterly boring and dull that while I was busy doing it, I often paused and explored BoM. Baked on Mesh. I am in love. I am absolutely in love and while this shot is just the first step into it, I expect many many more. Once more having the freedom to slap on as many layers as you wish, is such a relief.

The only things I regret now more than ever, are my inventory mishaps. I once took it upon myself to box up everything I was no longer using on a very regular basis. In my case, I packed up everything as I usually run around in jeans and a sweater. So, I packed up everything in neat boxes and then in a moment of utter insanity, threw them all out. By accident, I might add. Oh well. Better to have loved and lost than not have loved at all, n’est pas?

My new favorite store is Eleven because be honest, these eyebrows and moles are freaking awesome. As is the zombie eye, which btw is a group gift. Just so you know. I can not wait to see more and more new style system layers becoming available and create a more unique look once more. Preferably as flawed as can be.

Anywhoooo, this did not really help the sim building, a build that never was meant to be opened for the public but I will show off my grass planting skills. Or lack thereof. Eye of the beholder and all that.

The truly fucked up thing is that every single time I almost finish a build, I am so inspired. It is as if the building muses are leading a conga-line along the edges of my sim, firing idea after idea towards me. And this time, I am grateful for it, as I have learned from my past mistakes. I am now taking notes! And not only that but lists and lists of items I would need to use to create the builds that are now swirling in my head.

However, none of these builds will probably be of any interest to the masses. Unless you are a grass-fetishist. Put it in your calendars and sometime next week I will open Zero again for a very, very brief time so you can all gawk at the grass or perhaps simply enjoy a stroll.

I wish you good day kind readers, all 3 of you and thank you for your visit.


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