Of Defiance and Challenges

Fact: I will not be the best in this challenge.

The end.

How’s that for short and sweet huh? Here’s another fact: I am shy as f*ck when it comes to my pictures let alone take part in a challenge, competition, be invited for an exposition or the worst of all: asked to do commercial shoots.

I clamp up like a 35-year-old virgin on her wedding night. Seriously, all creativity, moxie and whatever else usually make a picture work for me, flees. Not just fleeing, as in a somewhat graceful and orderly retreat. No, no, no. A wild stampede, with drool and spit flying, bawling, howling and screeching in sheer terror because there is an actual brief.

There, the cat is out of the bag. I told you one day I’d tell the horrifying story of why I quit blogging and why I am so reluctant to accept new commissions to blog. It’s not that I do not want to. It is that it takes so much time for me to do it, because of my ‘angst’.

Can you believe that? Well, you better believe it. Anywhoo, so why this challenge? Why then ‘put myself out there’?  Because I firmly believe that if you allow fear to rule your life, you have no life. So here it goes. Oh and because the WL’s from Jay are lifesavers.

Crappy landscape? Uninspired layout? Ugly buildings or trees? No problem. A windlight (WL for the in-crowd) is like make-up for a scene. it changes everything and while it is possible to make your own, I leave it to the professionals.

Jay Tedder Murs is one such professional. Not only that, he is always been nice to me, when I bothered him with yet another noob question, and that goes a long, long way with yours truly.

On top of that, rummaging through my inventory tonight looking for a specific sofa, I came across this dress I bought a few weeks ago. Yes, in my inventory that makes perfect sense and what better way to test out a few new (for me at least) wl’s then with a pretty frock on? Stop.. don’t say it…

There are tons of better ways, no doubt, but you know what? Tonight, at this time in this place, this is my way. Inspired, by a frock, a pose (no longer available sadly) by the brilliant Tab Tatham who should in my not so humble opinion put her poses up for sale again, and spectacular sunsets.







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