Of Light and Lighter

Making dark pictures is one of the more easy things for me to do. The darker pictures also hide flaws in the decor, especially land textures and unruly trees and/or bushes.

Light pictures are hard. They are unforgiving. They reveal everything, every flaw, every misplaced object. A badly chosen angle. You name it, darker pictures with deep shadows hide most flaws. However a ‘simple black and white’ picture is an art.

Everything of course, in the eye of the beholder.

So why the burst of light all of a sudden? There are several reasons for it, the two most important I’ll gladly share.

Mood. I am not in a post-apoc mood. Most of you know I have spent the better part of the last 2 years trying to come up with a new post-apoc and/or run-down urban build. A short while ago I wondered why I could not finish a build. I have shown people parts of it, a few friends and they all encouraged me to finish it, or even to open the sim as it was when I showed them because it was ‘unique, typical Rwah, brilliant’ you name it. The compliments and encouragement were truly heartwarming and well-meant. So why didn’t it ‘jive’?

I didn’t feel it. Let’s face it, when I am building for myself, it’s not only about building and doing the best and/or most original job I possibly can. It is also about feeling, creating a space or environment that makes you feel good. It didn’t make me feel good.

The second reason is even more simple; I want a long, lonely beach and on top of a bunch of rocks a house that has just the right amount of wear and tear. I found such a house in the Sal House from Concept and I fell in love with the impossible shape, the size, the textures and I just had to make a sim with it. So there. No grand mysteries.

And oh yes, the house, it screams for a light picture. Now there is light and there is lighter. I chose the latter.

Yes, the sim will open for the public, not for a long time, but just long enough.


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