Of A House on a Hill


Never Totally Dead creates decor and houses that grace, or have graced, many beautiful sims. Meticulous design, paired with unique textures create a look and feel that is just gorgeous.

“Le Boudoir”, their latest release, available at Cosmopolitan is yet another build that ticks all the aforementioned boxes. I am in love with it and my interpretation of mood and vibe is just one of many possibilities this build offers.

Autumn is my favorite season and after most leaves have fallen or are blown away there is this brief period of bare trees and bushes before King Winter comes knocking. I choose to skip the riot of autumn colors and go straight to bare branches because the colors of the house are absolutely spectacular.

The house comes with a hud that allows you to change the texture on the walls on the inside or you can use your own as the house is copy/mod.

Do yourself and your favorite shopping outfit a favor and hop over to see this build in-world. As per usual my pictures don’t do the subject justice, but while I have your attention; When you visit Never Totally Dead you can see all their houses in all their glory. So, enough drooling.  Go shop.


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