Of Apologies and Joy


Note to self: Before pestering creators, make sure you have checked in-world if there is a store…

Apologies to Danel Kurosawa from Garden of Ku because in my impatience and partly disbelieve, I have pestered him with comments and Flickr-mails asking where I could buy his newest tattoos. The answer is pretty simple; In his store in-world.

When I first started in SL a friend introduced me to this store and after that not a day went by without me wearing one of his creations. when mesh took over, it was with regret that I said goodbye to my favorite ink and of course, others have long since stepped up to the plate. But I always missed my favorite tat. It nagged.

The last few years I checked regularly and then sort of started to forget about it, until… I saw the first pictures popping up. More waiting, hardly daring to hope and hey, I had become this pretty doll without ink. Well, now I am a pretty doll with my all-time favorite tattoo, “Kali Durga”_by GoK.

His work is excellent and I am not going to bore you to tears droning on about quality and all that, but it’s freaking epicness!! As per usual I don’t do it justice. Remember, I am the perpetual bad blogger.

On another note; Due to a shoulder that has not past the yearly inspection typing is exceedingly difficult and I am simply too impatient to type with one hand when behind the computer. So I am not on another break from SL, but severely limiting my online (or behind the computer) time. The offending part needs rest. Soon as I am capable to pull up my pants without pain I will be back full swing, post haste. So now you all know. All 3 of you who actually read this!

Short and sweet this time. Picture me with a huge smile on my face as the joy I felt finding out that this ink was available put it there.


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