Of Boys and Girls

With my shoulder still not being back to full-time duty, this will be short and sweet but I felt I had to ramble a wee bit about the latest RKKN release’s.

Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first shall we?

F*CK Yes. Finally decent textured jeans for females and you guys, well you have been spoiled anyhow with good textured jeans but now you have the cherry on the cake. But I run ahead of myself. Women’s jeans in SL are outfitted like it’s spandex denim. Huge bubble asses, tight all the way down and extremely boring.  Finding a good pair of boyfriend jeans was extremely hard, don’t get me started about a pair of thoroughly ripped ones. 

My tribulations are over. When I saw the jeans I was just grinning like an idiot and actually feeling happy. (we can have a private talk about how pixels have such effect on me someday).

So let’s get down to the dirty details ok? Textures? To bloody die for. Realistic denim textures and colors that are right up my alley. The shape of the jeans, and how they hold up in various poses, is great. On top of that, if you want to reveal yourself a bit more, just don’t wear the panties add on. Also right on my alley.

The female outfit comes with a shirt, whereas the male outfit comes with an absolutely epic jacket. Epicness.

Now the jacket is very much not rigged for women. That never stopped me in the past and it didn’t today. Yes, I know my boobies are ‘gone’, big whoop. This jacket is awesome and I love it.

Either way, do yourself a favor and clickety-click on the Flickr links and follow the breadcrumbs from there.

RKKN. Jordan @Man Cave June – Jacket and pants for males

RKKN. Calvin & Ivy @Kustom9 June – Male jeans and females jeans and tops

I will you leave you here because as said my shoulder is still smarting and typing is not what the doctor ordered.


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