An Update Rant


Life is wonderfully hectic. Between bouts of allergies, waving paintbrushes around and sometimes actually hitting the canvas, long walks with the dog, cooking sprees and lazy, lazy days filled with books and music, SL has been taking the backseat for a bit.

In between all these wonderful ways to spent time, there is this pesky thing called day-to-day life. To top that one off, I had to re-install my computer and took the opportunity to make life very complicated.

Complicated, because after 15+ years I switched, just two days ago, from Photoshop to Affinity. Many reasons for that but the most important are, that I am sick and tired of paying way to much for functionality that is now available in other programs, and because in my not so humble opinion I think Adobe is losing the plot when it comes to customer service.

I actually own the program instead of paying a rather hefty lease fee of roughly 120 dollars per year. I paid a one-time 50 dollar fee and done.

On top of that I don’t have to go over my profile and settings with MI-6 worthy skills to try and avoid tons of shit I really do not want, primarily post my work in yet another cloud and finding buried deep in the fine print that Adobe now has the right to use it as they see fit.

Sim building is still going on. For those who contacted me requesting I bring back build X or build Y or do this or that, fuck off. If you want a certain style sim or have these ‘grand’ ideas here’s a novel idea in return: invest the money and f*cking realise it yourself.

Arrogant? I don’t know. Perhaps it is. And you know what? Since I pay for the whole damn enchilada, I get to choose what I do. Soon as someone else is footing the bill, they are in charge.

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