Of the SoulCollector’s Asylum

128 b

I am stuck. Stuck with building and although I have many ideas, some good, some horrible, I just can’t get it right. It is the old problem, too many different ideas. But there is hope.

Hope in the form of truly spectacular releases from Nomad. Only today I got my greedy hands on the Asylum stuff, which is a gacha. Now those of you who know me a bit know I bloody despise gacha’s for decor stuff, but there is very good news. Nomad trades them in. And does this very graciously. It is truly a breath of fresh air to encounter a designer who not only creates gorgeous things but is also friendly and nice.

The Asylum release consists of many items but the building and the fence and gate are my absolute favorites. They are bloody gorgeous. Everything adds up and is perfectly textured and made.

Do yourself a favor and hop over to the Noman Mainstore and check out the latest releases.

The cape.. or hooded cape, I have no better word for it, is from Cinphul. Now it is a public secret that I have a soft spot for darker themed pictures and this release, combined with the Asylum from Nomad was for me the reason to quit trying to create a sim and instead try to create a half decent picture.

Be aware though: My picture might be half decent but both releases mentioned in this rather meager epos are not. They are top notch.


the story is sad, yet thrilling. After her mother left them, her father became her whole world. He loved his daughter. Loved, past tense as the story truly begins on that fatal night when he ran out, half mad with fear, to find a physician as his darling daughter had fallen sick. Halfway on his mission a well-aimed truncheon knocked him down, mistakenly thinking he was a murderer on the run. Whilst all that was sorted and he was proven innocent, his life as he knew it was over. He never recovered and after loving neighbors and a distant Aunt relayed the tragic story to the little girl, she didn’t either. 

Ever since that fatal night, she never spoke again and while she fully recovered physically, her mind seemed to have taken refuge in bittersweet memories.

Each night a soft, eerie wailing could be heard as she moaned and whimpered for her beloved father. It was not long until she became the youngest ever resident of the darkest place in town. The Asylum.

I am getting way ahead of myself if I tell you that every since her tiny pale foot crossed the threshold and she heard the gates creak, shutting behind her, that slowly but surely the town changed.  One can only imagine the horrors the once so bright and happy girl must have suffered inside. Her passing on should have been a release, her soul finally free to join her beloved father but somehow that didn’t happen… 

to be continued. Perhaps…



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