Of Sneakers and Panties


Nutmeg and RKKN have rapidly earned a place amongst the best designers on the grid. Now before I delve into that, and before you think I am totally biased, pull up a chair and allow me to explain as to why I think so.

When I first started to get interested in decorating I spent a LOT of money buying crap. I had no idea of the differences in quality. Over the years I have become very critical when it comes to decorating items and where I buy my items. For those wondering, yes I buy almost everything myself.

As for clothes, when I started it was even worse. Mesh was brand new and the products were… well new too. I vividly remember seeing a shirt and coat combo on a blog and I loved that style so much. I bought both, put it on, only to discover that in the back the shirt broke through the coat and that there was no way to fix that. I also remember how bloody angry I was.  I learned a valuable lesson that instant and from there on out, I became critical, perhaps even overly critical.

I spend tons of time standing in stores, inspecting designs, scrutinizing textures and bakes and shadows and fuck knows what else. Some designers must have thought I was just another homeless bum, whiling away time. I was not, I was learning and I still am.

My SL is usually on minimal settings, midday light and trust me, it’s not flattering. Everything I see has to be good in those low settings. I flat out refuse to fiddle with LOD settings, windlights or what more. I don’t care if its decor, skins, or clothes if it doesn’t look good on low settings I will not touch it.

Does this make me an expert? I have no idea if it does. I know what I like and what I don’t like as many of you do. Spending most of my time in SL building sims and decorating and the rest of my time comparing products and trying to find new ones, I think I might have gained a wee bit of insight.

Expert or not, I am exceptionally critical and should a new resident of SL find their way to my blog, they will find no bad decor items or broken mesh clothes or skins that look like you just escaped from a science experiment.

Now with this said: “Nutmeg and RKKN have rapidly earned a place amongst the best designers on the grid.”

Based on the above, based on my experience, I dare say that. I dare say they are amongst the best designers. The products might not be your style, but the quality is among the best you will find in SL.


Nutmeg – Old Wooden Boat

RKKN – Remi’s outfit and RKKN – Annan’s Sweatpants & Panties


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