Of Adele and Friends


As per usual when it comes to releases from Dutchie, I am at a loss for words. Oh, I can write 2 pages about the details alone. The props, the custom-made poses, the beautiful textures and the astounding attention to detail. Then there is the authenticity and the melancholy it brings out in me and that my dear stalkers, we are going to talk about in a bit.

I can almost sense your bewilderment, looking at this picture and asking yourself what all the hoopla is about as you hardly see anything. Well yes, remember, I am the bad blogger. But trust me, the Vintage Cafe Bar is bloody brilliant.

I will ask you very kindly to take a minute and press the link and visit her store, so you can not only see the Vintage Cafe Bar in all it’s glory but you can also try it out. Your Taxi to the Dutchie store.

Authenticity is hard to get right. There are these tiny, minuscule details you have to get just right. Froukje is hitting the nail on the head, time and time again. Her whole store is one big ode to a time period in the Dutch culture that yours truly happens to love.

Melancholy is part of missing the country I was born and raised in and when I was a snot-faced kid, my mom and her sisters would often watch a show called ‘ t Schaep met de 5 pooten’ . One of the stars was Adele Bloemendaal. And that brings me to the epic heads that are now available at the Lootbox gacha event. They do not look anything like the characters in that show but somehow, in their glorious imperfection, they do.

I was absolutely dreading that event as I saw myself go broke trying to get the heads I so much wanted. So when I logged on tonight with a vague idea for a picture with aforementioned bar, I was speechless when a dear and close friend surprised me with the heads I wanted most of all. If that was not enough, he proceeded to gift me the dress you see me wearing and I am still at a loss for words. For now, yet another heartfelt thank you is hopefully enough.

The heads released by Hotdog are stunning in their imperfections and a much needed addition to the way to perfect mesh heads out there. They are bloody brilliant. I am in love. When I was done styling and squealing, yes, get over yourself, I squeal, I found myself behind my beloved bar, music playing loudly and me happily singing the songs of times gone by, and the rest my dear stalkers, is, as they say, history.

So this one is for Adele and for good friends.


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