Of Languages and Tongues

tongue portrait

First things first; A mini-rant;

One of the things I love most about blogging is that you have an obligation to do the best work you can with the product the designer releases. Now that sounds simple and in many ways it is. Rezz, fiddle with angle and windlight and presto you have a picture. That is the bare minimum of the ‘job’.

Like many others, I have always taken a slightly different approach. I try to go where the item takes me. I see it as a challenge to make the best work I can without compromising the fun, the originality or the artistic side of this all.

Many feel that bloggers compromise the artistic value of a picture but let’s get a grip on this, shall we? If all of us making pics in SL, were such savants, we wouldn’t be in SL now, would we? We would be lauded with expositions, have busy photography schedules and clients to woo in first life. This is a blanket statement and there are obviously exceptions. So all of you who have your precious clubs on Flickr and curators of collections in SL, get over yourself, just as much as you high and mighty bloggers should get over yourself. Most of you are not so good really, but you churn out pictures like clockwork, and most of the time, you have not changed style the last 2 years, and have an audience so the designers love you.

Now with that out of the way:

tongue laying

Cinphul made a chair, which comes with beautiful RK-poses. This chair is a hate-it or love-it situation I think. You either are absolutely in love with the shape or it’s not your thing. For those who like to have a sculpture of a giant tongue, there is a 5-meter statue version of it in your package as well. And only 5 land impact.

As I have said many times before, I am a bad blogger and this picture is no exception. When I saw the chair at first the top picture is what immediately popped into my head. That’s another thing I love about SL and blogging. There are all these amazing items and you get to use them how you see fit. Not perse how the designer intended it.

Working on my long-tongued lady, I couldn’t help thinking about the chair some more and another picture was born. Whatever you think of my pictures, do yourself a favor and hop over and check it out, if only to shake your head wearily or to admire how it’s made or just so you can say, you sat on a tongue.


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