Of Butterflies and Duct Tape


Amongst my favorite designers are Azoury and [CerberusXing]. Their products never fail to impress, never fail to stand out and the ones I used in this picture are no different.

The Endless butterfly from Azoury is an amazing wonderful release. The little bug, literally, is perfectly made and I had my eye on it for a while. Today I popped over and grabbed it.

The Sticky Bits from [CerberusXing] is just epic. A duct tape top and panties. Absolutely brilliant. To top it off, I grabbed a pose from Ana Poses from her Nairobi series and voila, a picture is born. I edited the pose just a little bit, as I wanted both hands facing upward. Just an FYI.

In my last post I whined a bit about being bored and trust me I have kicked myself in the butt for that one. Being bored in SL? Really? So I decided to go back to my basics, finding stuff that I love and that inspires me.

It can be a pose, especially nowadays poses are amazingly versatile and well made and express a huge variety of moods, vibes and what more. It can be an item of clothing or a decor item or whatever. This morning standing around on my half build sim (updates coming one of these days) I remembered both the butterfly and the top and the idea was born.

Is it a good idea? A good picture? Who cares. I had tremendous fun making it, and writing this post. As I am writing I’m seriously wondering how it is, I usually end up wearing pants and some shirt instead of running around covered in butterflies and clothing that is not ‘pants and jeans’. Probably sheer laziness. Oh well.

Please do yourself a favor and take a moment to visit these creators. It is worth it. Even though all three have vastly different styles and products they have one thing in common. Quality.


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