Of Deep and Deeper


Lately, I am frustrated as f*ck with SL. I can’t get my sim-build going as I am still struggling with too many, often clashing, ideas and total lack of the builds and pieces I would need for it, pictures that do not come out as I intend them too, and last but not least my avatar looked like an anorexic barely legal rather ugly duckling.

Now the latter is cured. I actually have curves now and though my avatar is still very much a work in progress and I intend to draw this out as long as I can. It is great fun to make shapes that are so not anatomically correct and faces that are perhaps not to everyone’s liking. I am having genuine fun.

I also had fun making this picture. Those who see me wandering around in the wild might not believe me but I love to dress up. Alas, truth to be told, most of the time I simply can’t be arsed because I am busy admiring beautiful textures and shapes or I am building.

Since I am not building I had ample time to dress up. Since a few weeks, I had my eyes on the magnificent mermaid stuff from ~Cynefin~.,  and with the merfolk bustier from Cinphul, one and one became two.

I had some other niceties laying around and I piled them on. Yeah I know less is more but I love breaking rules. And what is more, I simply had fun. It also made me realize that I don’t want to look the same every day in SL. My ugly duckling will always be a go-to avatar because she works well in a picture, fits in every piece of clothing and most important she keeps away all those in desperate need of a pixel humping. Which in all honesty was my main objective when I made her.

But now the doll/ugly duckling/eyepopping- avatars have taken the grid by storm, thanks to the amazing hud LeLutka released and the release of the Genus head so it is high time to find another niche. Tata’s galore I think, without the T-rex arms and ‘throw a saddle on it-arses’. But with eyes popping.

Ok enough rambles, I have an avatar and a sim to build and you have some shopping to do.


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