Of Grand Piano’s and choices..


..or the lack there of that is, but let’s start with the beginning shall we?

Nutmegs latest release is once more a feast for the eyes. Now bear with me, since you come all this way, you might as well stay the course.

A feast for the eyes because once more the textures are stunning. Yeah yeah, I know. I am repeating myself. And I do so without apologies as the texturing of this latest release is just one reason to get it.

Now you all know I am a texture nut but my madness doesn’t stop there. I am also an absolute lover of black & white photography and lately, of greenish- and gold tones. So when I was working the shots I took, I ended up with 2 completely different styles which I both love.

The black & white one is an almost raw shot, but it doesn’t do justice, to the textures and so I took some close ups too. This one obviously not in black & white. I usually decide on one or the other but this time I could not choose. Nor could a friend when I showed them so here we are. One Grand Piano, two pictures.


Now if you are not a fan of piano’s, then still do yourself a favor and check out the rest of the set. There is a stool, which comes in two varieties in one buy. Then there are the music sheets and the metronome. It is well worth a few minutes of your time, to hop over to Shiny Shabby and check it out.


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