Of Hair and Paintings (part II)


Where to start? How about with the ‘to be continued’ part from my last post? It was late and I was really tired as I was about to explain how and why my being in-world has been somewhat haphazard.

I hear you ask what has a painting or paintings to do with that? A whole lot as I find myself daily kneedeep in oil paint, carpet with oil paint stains and clothes that are ruined for life since you can only remove oil paint with turpentine and that doesn’t work well with most clothes. Occasionally some of the aforementioned oil paint actually reaches the canvas and even stays there. In short, I am painting.

That leaves less time for SL which suits me fine for the time being. I have a ton of fun with trying out things building-wise and I thoroughly enjoy making the odd picture and ramble on here a bit about this, that and what more.

Now with the painting stuff out of the way, let’s talk a bit about this picture? Perhaps? Although once more I fear it will be rather dull. Dull because you know .Shi and you know the hair is good. The textures, the colors etc, it just is good. The latest release – ARTICULATE Hair, available at TMD – is no exception. Its sleek, it’s minimalistic and another beautiful release from .Shi.

Personally, I am very proud that you can actually see the hair in this picture.

What you can also see in this picture is the release from Cinphul for the last round ever of Kurenai. Kurenai runs till August 31st where you can grab up this release – diode– and play the minigame to win rather epic wires that go on your forehead. They are not shown (lol) in this picture, because I obviously didn’t play the minigame. Maybe I should as I think one day I will bloody regret not having them. They are sort of right up my alley.

About the other hair accessories – sticks and cables – are simply beautiful. They are textured to perfection and I have tried and somewhat succeeded even I think, to really show that. However, it would take a close-up to truly make you appreciate them in full. Guess what? I didn’t make a close-up. I have to stay true to my calling, that of being a bad blogger.

In other news: The sim is blissfully empty and most the time I am online I am standing in the water, simply enjoying the emptiness. Besides my preoccupation with painting at the moment I am slowly but surely sifting through the plethora of ideas for a new build. A few times I was pretty close to opening the sim for a bit, but it was just not ‘it’.

And that is it for me in SL. Things have to be just ‘it’. Both releases shown this picture are, for me at least, just that. It.



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