Of Romanov’s and paintings


For those who undertook the journey and landed here, thank you for your time and effort. I can easily see how people would think ‘oh dearie me, there she goes again, another Nutmeg release, another puff piece’.

It’s hard to ignore things that are not only beautifully made and textured, but things that appear at a moment in time that is very opportune, namely me reading about the exact time in history the release is referring to.   For the record; Reading is understated. Devouring everything I can get my grubby hands on, is a better description.

The books I am devouring are not so much about the people, but about how they lived. Both the poor and the rich. I have to be honest, the naked opulence and splendor of that time, if you had the money and status, is unparalleled. The richness of the textures, the fabrics, the colors, the unbridled grandness I can’t wait to one day see the remains of it with my own eyes.

And there it was, the lastest Nutmeg release – Romanov’s Garden Set  – in all its splendor.

There was another surprise in it; a tray that can be stacked with wonderful little things. I have often wished for a decent tray in SL. Yes, yes I know they are out there, but not the ones that I wished for. Now that wish has come true. Of course, you can hardly see it. I have to stay true to myself and crop the picture in a way that makes the object I wish to ramble about the most, almost disappear.

You know the drill. Feast your eyes here or hop over to Shiny Shabby to admire it in the flesh.


PS; the title, Of Romanov’s and Paintings; The painting part is to be continued. It’s bedtime, after a rather ‘opulent’ day.

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