Of Clashing Colors


Lately, I have a penchant for red, especially when it clashes magnificently with other colors. I think that .Shi has one of the better ‘reds’ on the grid. It’s so vibrant and deep, that you can almost dip your brush in it and paint in real life. Ok bear with me, it’s late, I am getting quite poetic. Or as some might argue, spewing utter nonsense.

But… The reds from .Shi are exceptional. The new hair what brought this on is, as per tradition, hardly visible after I was done with the picture so I invite you to hop on over to Joy’s Flickr for a much better look and more information. I am in love with the little tail. It’s deliciously obstinate and quirky. This time I’m not going to bore you to death with textures and originality of design. I did that last time and those who know .Shi are familiar with this, who do not know .Shi, should, even if the hair is not your style, go and take a look anyway.

The Dutch word for ‘obstinate’ is ‘eigenwijs’ and this brings me to the cards you hardly see in the picture. As always I love to talk about stuff that is barely, or even better, not at all visible in my pics.

Dutchie never fails to tug at my heartstrings with releases, as they almost always have a distinct Dutch look and feel. Meticulously researched and made, Froukje Hoorenbeek’s releases make me long for Holland.

Dutchie has released a few smaller decor items the last few weeks, the latest this game of solitaire. If you actually want to see it in all it’s glory and more information, click here.

Short and to the point this time, as I said is it late, it is warm so I will leave you here. You have your missions, should you choose to accept them!


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