It is a well-kept secret, or perhaps not, that I often agonize over pictures. Not so much over technical details, angles or crop or whatever. No, what I agonize most about is whether or not I do justice to the designs that I use. Be it skins, decor, hair or whatever.

If I admire the designer or designers, it is even worse. And since I only use stuff from designers I admire, you can imagine perhaps that doing this shit, making pictures in SL is almost an Olympic sport for me. It can become so severe that I disregard shot after shot after shot and in the end trashing the whole shoot. Sometimes sets or shots are worked on for days or even weeks and in the end, I trash it all. Yeah, I know, crazy right?

And it doesn’t matter if I blog for a designer or buy the stuff myself, I keep fretting and tweaking and driving mostly myself crazy.

Way back when my pixels were young I discovered a designer that ticked almost all my boxes. She is eclectic, crazy in a very healthy and sane way, and has I think a complete disregard for what is expected of her. You’ll never know what is next; A beautiful stunning bowl with water (which is a free gift and one of the best of its kind on the grid in my not so humble opinion), chairs that have textures that make yours truly drool even when I’m logged out, little bits of this, that and everything, jewelry, an alien penis and last but not least…. buildings. I am so epically in love with her builds.

Imokon Neox, owner, and designer of Cinphul has created a wide variety of things but they all have a few things in common; quality, stunning textures, and originality. Since you came all the way over here to read this, take another moment and hop over to her store and check it out.


PS, the chair, the barbed wire head gear thingie –> Cinphul. See I am horrid as blogger.

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