The Mess



With an enormous delay, I am finally opening the sim for a few days. Few days only because even though I love the build, I have another concept in mind that I am eager to start working on.

If you are looking for a well balanced, well thought out sim, with near perfect landscaping and a theme, you probably will be disappointed.

This sim is a collection of things that I love, but they do not necessarily fit together neatly. A sim long (or wide if you wish) road with a lot of electricity poles, was a longtime wish as well as the overgrown buildings partly in the water. The skeleton towers a happy accident and the rest a mismatched bunch of things I love for some reason.

Keep in mind that the sim will only be open for a couple of days. Meaning it will be closed again, no later than Saturday morning.

I do not do this to be exclusive, or whatever.  My main reason to be in SL is to make pictures and build. I love to build. I love to try things and that simply doesn’t work with a sim that is open to the public. So hop on over and look around while you can.

Simple rules: Don’t be a douche and if you are coming over to take pictures, make bloody sure that if you take a picture of a person or persons on the sim, you have their permission to do so. Now I hear you think that that is hard to enforce. True. You have one chance to be an ass. After that, you will have a permanent ban on any sim I will open in the future.

Also keep firmly in mind that this is NOT a public sim, but my home. Enjoy!





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