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By now, you all should be aware that as far as showcasing this or that I suck balls. I will always let my love for weird angles and black and white prevail instead of trying to make the perfect advertisement for product x, y or z.

And I don’t have too thank goodness. Most creators do stunning jobs when they make their vendor- and advertisement pictures. Often choosing angles and light that is not easily surpassed. What is left for me is trying to make a half decent picture and the fun of rambling a wee bit about the stuff that you can hardly manage to discern.

And oh boy I do love to ramble. Usually, I fawn over textures and this is no exception, but I will spare you. All stuff you hardly see in the above picture has awesome textures.  For once I will go over everything, starting with the barely visible background.

From Zerkalo, the Garage Door Set. Said garage door and a CCTV camera are available at the Man Cave Event. The texture, a graffiti style, is stunning. As you know I love urban style almost anything and this piece of decor is wonderful. In the flurry of backdrops here is an idea that I can get behind 100%. Because you can use it as just that, a backdrop, but also as an addition to your house, your street, or even as wall art. It comes as always in several options one of them is jam-packed with adult poses.

What I also like so very much about Zerkalo’s releases is the variety. Bold, metal and wood releases are interspersed with romantic, tender beautiful decor items. Of course, the latest release is available at Shiny Shabby and is a wonderful richly covered bed. So do your duty, and hop over to both events and have some fun drooling over them.

Also at Shiny Shabby the latest creation from RKKN. Now here is where you have to pay a bit of attention so wake up.

The Streetwear Outfit has shorts and leggings, a hoodie, cap and facemask and sneakers.

The sneakers are the only thing that specifically made for Maitreya. Meaning that if you choose to wear the rest, you might have to adjust your shape like I did or go nuts with your hud to make parts invisible. But the result regardless which route you take is awesome.

I love this style. I love the shorts and to combine them with way more feminine tops, is something that I absolutely love to do. In the picture, you see the shorts and sneakers paired with a top from COCO. But please, do yourself a favor and hop over to Shiny Shabby and get a good look at them. As always, try a demo to avoid disappointments.

I can be rather short about the quality of all items discussed, I can be short because it seems that everything these designers poop out, is always of the highest quality and will go a long, long way in your wardrobe and decorating needs.

COCO is one of my other ‘secret weapons’. If I ever find a pair of boyfriend jeans like she released a good while back, I’ll never take ‘m off. Same goes for the vest I am wearing, a style that again, I love real-life as well. They are somehow casual, sexy and if worn understated and not defiled with needless accessories, stylish as hell. The trick real-life is that to achieve that they almost have to be tailored unless you have a dream figure that screams for these things.

Now bugger off and do go do your assignments.





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