a·fi·ci·o·na·do – noun – a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime.

synonyms: connoisseurexpertauthorityspecialistpunditcognoscenteenthusiastdevotee;  informal: fan, bufffreaknutfiendmaniacfanaticaddictjunkie.

Ok, language class dismissed.

The title is self-explanatory since my stream on Flickr and this blog is filled with stuff from Nutmeg. It might even reach a point where it becomes dull and boring. Perhaps so, but what do you do when time and time again Nutmeg releases stuff that you love? Or what do you do, when older releases keep grabbing your attention?

Perhaps it’s no wonder that Neva hits the mark every single time or at least scores a solid 9 out of 10. Remember how she started? Right. She knows like no other, well perhaps yours truly has a tad of insight too, what SL is missing. Because it’s not about what is there. No offense to all the wonderful stuff out there, but for a designer, it is about what’s not there. Because that will sell.

Let’s be honest, SL has more than enough chairs. I actually once considered opening a parcel with just chairs. ‘The place where chairs come to die” or something morbid like that. When it comes to this particular chair, it is not just the chair, or the shape, or the textures, which are all sublime once more. It is not about the original poses although those alone would be worth the buy.

No. It is about nuance. This subtle hint of wear and tear of a classic style chair. The authentic wear and tear that you would pay a fortune for in life 1.0 if you came across it. It is rare.

Shabby chic, neo-antiques or whatever you want to call the style, is not only rough, dirty and worn textures. It is a fine balance between textures with subtle wear and tear and form. It is almost undefinable. If you want a definition, hop over to Nutmeg main store.


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