Too Many Ideas

many fuckups make a decent picture or something like that

Right now  I am building and I have too many ideas. Also, designers release too many epic items. Release more crap ok? Thanks for reading and see ya next time.

What has this to do with the picture above? Allow me to explain:

While I am already overflowing with very different ideas for a sim build, I have to push it and make the gargantuan mistake to visit newly opened sims and stand there in awe of the skill and ideas other builders have.  Today Cloudline opened, a build by Axiomatic Clarity and last week Isle of May by Serene Footman. (click the names to their Flickr stream for landmarks and details).

Where I am aiming for a ‘bare-bones’, they have builds that are so well balanced and stunning that my mind keeps going back to them while I work on my own build. A recipe for confusion and even more ideas.

Designers releasing items that are so ‘me’ that I want to make a picture of them. But while I am working on the one picture, the other releases are still on my mind and distracting me from the task at hand. Again, confusion and too many ideas resulting in a result that does not satisfy me.

Last but not least, I also am way overdue to hand in a picture that portraits excitement. And that has been rattling around in my noggin’ as well. What is exciting for me? How do I capture it? And when I finally had an idea, the resulting picture was just not ‘it’.

Again, what does the above have to do with the picture? Usually, pictures that I discard end up in the bin, never to be seen or heard from again. Ever. Today I decided to go in the opposite direction and make them into a collage. The result is, funny enough, somewhat pleasing. At least to me, but then again all of this in the eye of the beholder.

And since I have this soapbox laying around, I figured I ramble a bit about too many ideas. Et voila.

Now all the above mentioned, self-appointed tasks are still on the to-do list. But first I am going to enjoy, thoroughly enjoy, having so many ideas that I end up doing nothing.


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