Huricane Force


The Katysusha Elegant Armchair release of RK Poses has hit the grid. Released at Shiny Shabby, Keon Xenga presents a dazzling chair that comes in a few varieties. For all the details and an actual good look at the chairs please follow the links I provided below these humble ramblings.

But first I want to explain the title. Unless you are in hurry, then please do bugger off.

What happens when two incredibly creative and motivated people join forces and start to create content? Indeed a hurricane force. From urban bikes, poses and animations, to subtle sweet little knick-knacks to these formidable, chairs, they seem to create without effort.

Which of course is bullshit because there is a huge difference between having an idea, being inspired and actually creating it. To have the drive and patience and all that, to sit your ass down, learn how to make the mesh and how to texture it, is not a small feat.

I hear you say, but there are tons of others out there who do the same. True. I am partial to these two designers because I absolutely love their style and on a personal level their craziness. That does not mean I can not be honest about the stuff they make. And these chairs are worth having if they are your style.

If I recall correctly, Keon did the mesh and Neva the texturing, but please do not pin me down on this. We all know Keon from his idiotic outfits if he is seen in the wild, and from his poses and animations. Now we can add making furniture to that list.

And wow. I am in love with the shape, the style, the colors, the poses, the whole enchilada. I should not have used that saying, as the very word now makes me crave actual enchiladas so I’ll leave you here. Take a trip to Shiny Shabby, give the chairs a test ride, drool on them, Keon will clean it up and get greedy and buy them.

For those wanting to read up a bit first and actually see the chairs (I told you, I am a horrid blogger) please hop over to:

Keon Xenga Flickr     Neva Xenga Flickr

Happy Shopping.

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