New Beginnings

New Beginnings

How strikingly a title. Not only am I beginning a new sim, but I am also beginning a new blog. So first things first;

The new sim; urban post-apocalyptic has become my signature style I think. Building those sims comes natural and sooner or later I will build one again and happily share it with the world.  For now, I am happy to build a somewhat different style sim.

It probably will be open only for a few days at the time. I am trying to hone my building and landscaping skills and I do not want to feel like I am intruding on my own sim. As the saying goes; I will play it by ear. Those in dire need of a place to shoot pictures and they feel they just have to do it at Zero, hit me up and most likely I will add you to the land so you can come over. If you lucky, I’ll throw in the landmark as well.

Or I might follow the new trend and set up a group with a group fee. We will see.

As for the other new beginning, this blog, the reason I started again is rather simple. I always enjoyed my ramblings and have a place to do so. Flickr is great for sharing pictures but I love to have a place where I can ramble and muse about stuff.

I think I might also share some of my adventures in-world, a few of my thoughts about this, that and other things and what more. To repeat myself: I’ll play it by ear.

Either way, welcome and enjoy.

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