Madeleine – One More Time


For those still in doubt, I do love the vintage pumps from Nutmeg.  Everything about them tickles my fancy. The style, the colors, the shape, and believe it or not, these type of pumps, when worn in life 1.0, are actually quite comfortable.

I have spent quite a bit of time trying to find a pair looking just like these. The style, in general, is not so hard to find but then, finding your size, the right color etc. is where the trouble starts.

When I first saw these beauties I immediately pictured myself wearing them, in life 1.0 that is, combined with a pair of vintage, real vintage Levi’s boyfriend jeans and a nice vintage designer casual white blouse. If the combo ever comes to be, I will post a picture. For now, I am enjoying wearing them in-world and combining them with just about anything.

The textures are wonderful and I spent a lot of time just rezzing a pair, and hitting them with windlights. My favorite thing to do at times. Sometimes a texture does not hold up under harsh windlights. Or textures are blurred, overstretched etc. These are perfect. Yes, yes I am repeating myself but as self-proclaimed texture-fetishist, I can’t help myself.

As usual, you can’t see shit in this picture. It’s just a pretty picture and even that is arbitrary.  So I guess you have to just take my word for it and traverse to Shiny Shabby to see them in-world. That’s not really a punishment, right?

Toddle of and happy shopping.